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8. Poker Face

*Just a little note, this chapter has a flashback in it but I was typing on my iPad so I couldn't get italics so I'll just keep the headings 'Flashback' and 'End Of Flashback' there for you guys. ^_^ Also updating HIA and WTWC this weekend, hopefuly :)) Thanku for all the comments on the last chapter guys! Enjoy*

As soon as she heard his name she stopped rushing around and stayed silent on the phone.

"Nic? You hear what I just said?" She still kept quiet. "Nicki?"

"Uhm, yeah. Right, I'm on my way." She hung up before he could even say anything back. What had she done? She didn't think she'd hit him that hard. After her little row with Candi she had gone back to Drake's thinking he would be at the studio, because that's where he was supposed to to be. But he wasn't, he was home and he was drunk. At first he hadn't heard her come in so she ran up the stairs quietly to grab the things she needed so that she could leave as quickly as possible.


Opening and closing the front door quietly she slipped her heels off and made her way over to the stairs. She could hear Drake clanging around in the kitchen so she figured if she was quick she could leave without having to see him. This felt so wrong to her, he was her fiancè. Well he was for now. On her way over to the bottom of the stairs she looked over towards the open plan lounge room and saw bottles and cans all over the place. He had been drinking, all night and all morning by the looks of it. Realising she didn't have much time she continued up to their bedroom to grab her belongings. She was only up there for about two minutes when the door swung open, making her jump.

"Nicki? W-when did you get home bae?" He staggered towards her and she couldn't help but feel sad and even a little bit sorry for him. He was obviously going through some kind of shit, he only ever drank when he was troubled and thinking about it now, she wasn't there for him. She was too busy screwing her best friend, of course it was more than just "screwing" but that's how awful she felt. Even more so after Safaree left so easily, it made her think he didn't actually love her and maybe it was just sex after all. But she didn't exactly go to the extreme to try and stop him, maybe he felt that all he was to her was a quick fuck here and there too? "I'm talking to you Onika!" His words were slurred as he moved closer to her.

"Drake, I don't want to talk with when you're like this. I can't stand you right now. I'm staying at Faree's place until you've sorted out whatever shit you're goin' through." She turned back around and started shoving her clothes into the duffle she found in his wardrobe.

"No, you can't leave me. I'm not l-lettin' you leave me." He dropped the bottle in his hand letting its contents spill all over the cream carpet.

"I promise, we'll talk this out as soon as you sober up. You're in no fit state to do anything right now." Trying to stay calm and relatively sweet with him was proving difficult but she knew if she got hysterical and lost her temper he would only react more violently. And who knew what he would do next.

"He's gone now. Forget that nigga! You're mine Nicki." Being referred to as "belonging" to a guy really, really riled her.

"I don't belong to anybody, Drake! The fuck do you think I am?! An object?!" She stormed past him to get to their bathroom and grab her other items. But he followed her and pinned her up against the wall as she reached for the cabinet. She felt the air being knocked out of her as her back made contact with the cool bathroom wall tiles.

"I won't let you leave me Onika." He sounded calm but stern at the same time, his left hand holding her chin and neck. Still able to breathe she managed to let out a scoff.

"You already lost me." She felt the tears threatening to fall when she saw the hurt in his eyes, he may have been drunk but she could still read his eyes. Was it her fault he was like this? Maybe if she had been there for him, things would be different. The look in his eyes vanished as his rage took over.

"It's still him isn't it? You're still hung up on SB!" He waited for her to answer but she kept her mouth shut. "Well guess what? He's gone, ain't nobody gon' help you now." He tightened his hold on her neck causing her to automatically bring her hands to his arm in a desperate bid to make him let go. Without even thinking she let go with one hand and snatched the blue flower vase that was sat in the corner of the bathroom next to where she was being held against the wall. One hit to the back of his head was all it took for him to fall to a heap on the floor. She just looked down shakily at his body as she choked and gasped for air. Panicking she knelt down by him and rolled him onto his side, only to see the result of her actions as a small puddle of blood stained where his head had previously been. Checking his pulse and breathing she was relieved to know he was ok. After washing the wound with a facecloth from the shiwer she saw that it was only a small cut and the bleeding soon stopped. She just sat for a few minutes unable to comprehend what she had just done, but what else was she supposed to do? He could have killed her. She could have killed him too. Hearing a noise downstairs she snapped out of her thoughts. It was Forty. Listening out she heard him shouting for Drake and a few inaudible mutters and then the TV started blaring. Looking down at Drake she noticed this actually looked quite believable, he's wasted. He could have easily gone to the bathroom alone, slipped, hit his head and knocked himself out. She was quick on her feet and splashed some tap water on to the floor before dashing back out to grab her duffle and sneak out the back. Forty was none the wiser as he sat there yelling profanaties at the TV.

End Of Flashback

She started to panic, she never meant for him to end up in hospital, just for him to let her go. She had to turn up though, people would wonder why she wasn't sat at her fiancè's bedside and she could really do without the media attacking her at the moment. It had been less than an hour since she got back to Safaree's and she was kidding herself by trying to take her mind off of what had happened by attempting to write some new songs. Suddenly it all hit her, quickly grabbing her jacket and keys she went straght to the hospital, Wayne had texted her the floor and room number.

All she wanted to do was be with Safaree right now, for him to hold her and tell her that everything would be ok. She hovered over his name as she skipped through her list of contacts on her phone but she was too afraid to press 'call'. What if hung up on her? Or ignored the call? Or even worse? She suddered to hink abut it as she got out of her car and made her way into the hospital, immediately pulling her hood down. She wore an old baggy one of Safaree's in hope that nobody would recognise her. Especially since she had no security with her but she knew she would be ok onece she caught up wth everyone else. Exiting the elevator she was net wth the sight of Wayne and Forty sat in the quiet hallway, they both turned to look at her when they heard her footsteps nearing.

"What's happenin'? Is he ok?" She was genuinely worried not just for him but the fact that doctors may have an explanation or him being like this. Wayne's hand on her shoulder made her look at him.

"We don't know yet, they ain't told us nothin'." He folded his lips as he led Nicki over to a spare chair between himself and Forty. "A nurse said they gon' send a doctor 'round to talk to us 'bout what's happenin' soon. You ok Barbie?"

"Yeah....I just, I need to kno-" Her voice was shaky but before she could finish talking a tall dark haired man made his way out of the room which Drake was in and politely interrupted.

"Ms Minaj?"

"Yeah, that's me, just call me Nicki though....What's goin' on? Is he gon' be ok?" She felt Wayne put his arm around her.

"I'm Dr.Hiller." He shook all of their hands and continued. "We're still running tests, I mean he was pretty incapacitated and he took a nasty knock to the head. Right now we're thinking he may have just slipped and hit his head as he landed but a nurse noticed some quite deep scratches etched into his forearms." He looked at Nicki's lengthy false nails as he trailed off and looked up at her face which was now streaming with tears. Both of guilt and worry. "Anyway, the bang to the head is probably what caused the seizure he had."

"He had a seizure?" The wobble in her was becoming more difficult to contain as she felt the tears cooling on her face.

"Yes ma'am. If it wasn't for this gentlmen here who found him at the time.....Well, let's just say he's very lucky he was found." Nicki looked at Forty's distraught face. He must have been the one to have found him after she left. She immediately felt terrible, all the stress and worry about Drake as well as thinking about everything he had done to her, all the hurt the bruises the scratches and Safaree leaving, it was all getting to much as her head started to spin. The doctor noticed her face drain of it's colour and how she was swaying to try and stay upright. "Nicki?" She didn't respond as everything went blurry and quiet, Wayne tightened his hold on her as the doctor grabbed her arm before she fell to the ground.


She woke up to the sound of people mumbling, which soon turned into understandable words as she fulttered her eyes open. She'd been put on to a hospital bed.

"Nicki?" Dr. Hiller was stood to the side of her bed whilst a nurse was behind him and Wayne remained in the corner watching worriedly. She turned to look at him with clear confusion in her eyes. "Nicki, you fainted. You're ok but we're running tests to be sure. It's routine procedure so there's nothing to worry about. I just need to ask you a few questions, okay?"
Nicki nodded tiredly, her head was pounding and her eyes felt heavy. "Have you had anything to eat or drink today?"

"Uhm..No, no I haven't." She frowned, she was really not taking very good of herself. Ater a few more questions the doctor left to send off the tests they had done whilst she was passed out. The nurse made her way over to where the doctor was previously stood. She was older than she had imagined actually when Nicki looked her over, maybe in her mid forties.

"Can I just say, my daughter is a huge fan!" She smiled big as Nicki looked up at her. "Okay, so I'm going to check your blood pressure, if you just want to lift your sleev up a little?" Nicki panicked remembering all the bruises that were patterned on her upper arms.

"No, I'm fine really. I just haven't eaten that's all it is." She tried to get up but she felt Wayne beside her.

"Nic, you should get checked out, y'know? There could be somethin' wrong."

"Wayne, I'm fine. Really." She turned to look back at the nurse. "Honestly!"

"Nicki. This is routine procedure, it'll take less than two minutes." She pulled Nicki's sleeve up herself but Ncki stopped her and looked at Wayne.

"Could you please go get me some water? I'm dying of thirst."

"Sure, but do as the nurse says. Ya stubborn ass!" They both laughed a little as he left the room. And Nicki let go of the nurse's arm letting her continue rolling her sleeve up. Feeling the embarrassment wash over her she turned to face the other side of the room. The nurse didn't move for a while as she scanned over her skin with her eyes.

"Nicki, dear? What happened to your arm?" That one question tripped her.

"Oh, that? I just caught it on the door frame. It's nothing, really." The nurse knew better than to question her patient so she left it at that. She would definitey find out the truth though, there was no way she did that on a door frame. Ok, maybe a door frame with hands but she'd never heard of one of those existing.

"My name is Christine by the way, so if there's anything you need don't hesitate to ask, okay?" Nicki just nodded gratefully as Christine finished up checking her blood pressure. "Your BP is quite high so we'll just keep an eye on that and then we'll let you go see Drake." She had honestly forgotten all about Drake to be honest, her mind was all over the place at the minte.

"Thank you." She looked down again as Christine left the room, she could see her and Dr Hiller talking by the front desk and their arms kept motioning towards her room as they looked over some papers. What if she was telling him about the brusies she saw? Can she even do that? She snapped out of her thoughst as Wayne re-entered the room.

"Here you go." She gently took the cup from his hand.

"Thanks Wayne.....Have you seen Drake yet?" She looked at him with anticipation.

"Yeah, he's gon' be fine. He was askin' for you though and he don't remember nothin' recent. Like, they said he knows he's engaged to you and all that but the last few days are like they never even happened. Some crazy shit huh?"


"You not glad he's gon' be aight?"

"What? Oh my god Wayne! Of course I am." She shook her head and looked down feeling the tears about to fall. The one person shen needed here, the one person she couldn't live without yet he was the one person who wasn't here. She managed to control her emotions as Dr. Hiller came back into the room, Christine wasn't following and she guessed why when she saw her rush past with a group of paramedics as they wheeled somebody in a hurry down the corridor.

"How are you feeling Nicki?"

"Better. Thank you. I really am fine, I just need some good food and a day in bed." And Safaree she thought to herself.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, and Drake is doing just fine. We'll let you go see him soon, but first we need to discuss your test results." At that point Nicki felt her heart skip a little.


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