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9. To Go It Alone

"Everything is ok though, right?" The doctor looked up hearing Wayne's voice.

"Yes, the tests came back showing nothing wrong with Nicki." They both nodded at him sensing a "but" was going to follow.

"And?" Nicki's sharp question made him look down to her.

"But the urine test we had sent off tells us that you're pregnant." At that moment Wayne choked on his water and started coughing as Nicki sat with her mouth gaping open before stuttering out a response.

"No, I can't be I-"

"Ms Minaj." he cut her off making her look at him. "You're pregnant, no doubt about it. These tests are reliable. Plus, that explains the dizziness, fainting and nausea you experienced today. Now, I have to leave in a moment but Christine will be back to do a scan and see how far along you are and check everything is alright, okay?" He waited for her to answer and saw her sat in shock as Wayne moved his hand to her shoulder, Dr Hiller knew he would look after her so he said his goodbyes and left.

"Did you know?"

She looked back it him, his hand was still resting reassuringly on her shoulder. "No." Wayne knew she wasn't in one of those talking moods so he told her that when she was ready to talk he would be there.


Nicki had dozed off again as Wayne stood up to go hold the door open for Christine, she was wheeling a machine in with her.

"Thank you sir." She smiled and carried on moving over towards the right hand side of Nicki's bed.

"No problem." He stretched and smoothed his hands over his face and took his seat again.

"Okay, let's get all of this up and running and then we'll see what's happening." She continued to set up the machine before turning back to see Nicki still sleeping. "Aww, I'll try my best not to wake her." She pulled out the gel and sat it on the sheets whilst she gloved up. Wayne was busy looking at his phone as she sanitised. Once everything was done she gently lifted Nicki's shirt to spread the gel on her stomach and quietly gasped when she saw what was underneath her clothing. Wayne looked up hearing her sharp intake of air and was about to ask what was wrong, then he saw. The noise he made when he jumped out of his chair made Nicki jolt in her sleep and wake up. Suddenly noticing her top was pulled up and both Wayne and Christine were stood looking she sat up swiftly snatching her shirt down.

"Excuse me?! I thought y'all weren't allowed to do shit like that when patients are sleepin'? What if I didn't want a scan? I didn't give my consent!" Christine was about to start talking but Wayne gave her a look that said "Leave". She apologised profusely and left to find Dr Hiller.

"Nic? The fuck is all that?" He pointed to her now covered abdomen.

"I fell down the stairs, Faree left one if his dumb ass shoes at the top. I tripped on it."

"Bullshit. Tell me the truth. I know when you lyin'!" He always knew Safaree had a bit of temper but this was way out of hand. "It was SB wasn't it, thas why he gon' left the state?" Nicki whipped her head around quickly.

"He would never hurt me Wayne. The fuck outta here sayin' shit like that!" He saw the tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Then tell me who did." She shook her head and laughed without humour causing the tears to come loose and roll down her face.

"Nobody, I told you. I fell."

"So what are the tears for then?" She looked down at her lap and played with her fingernails as she thought. "Nicki?"

"Look, I'm just tired, stressed and fuckin' miserable at the moment! Can you please just....Drop it already?!" She stopped holding it all in and just burst into tears as Wayne just stood there not knowing what to say. He moved closer to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Sorry." She didn't respond and just nodded on his chest as he kept her in his hold. He felt bad now. As they sat there he looked down at her hands clinging on to him and her engagement ring sparkled under the light making something click in his mind. Drake.

"It wasn't Drake? Was it?" He asked cautiously feeling her stop shuddering quickly, she didn't answer and just nodded again slowly, knowing she would have to answer sooner or later and this way she didn't even have to speak. Suddenly feeling embarrassed and ashamed that she let this happen to her she pulled away from him and faced the other way, wiping her tear stained face.

"What did he do to you Nic?" She remained facing away from him, how the hell was she supposed to dismiss this now? Maybe this was a good thing though.

"I d-don't even know, like...." She stopped as the tears became too much, causing Wayne to sit with his head resting in his hands. "He got really drunk last week and started talkin' shit 'bout me and Faree fuckin' 'round behind his back and then..." She motioned towards her thighs as she choked on her tears. "I kept tellin' him to stop but he just wouldn't listen." Wayne stood up at this point going towards the door at top speed. "Wayne?! Please don't-" The door slamming cut her off as she started to panic about what he might do. As if by chance christine and Dr Hiller came through the still swinging doors looking behind them as they watched Wayne march down the corridor. They both saw the obvious flare of temper in Wayne and the emotional state Nicki was in and were concerned.

"Is everything alright?" Christine rushed over to Nicki's side as she swiped at her tears. It had all just built up inside, Safaree leaving, the way Drake was treating her and what he was doing to her. It just got too much all at that point and now, to find out she was pregnant. That was just the icing on the cake. There was no doubt in her mind that she would keep the baby though, no matter what. Even if she was carrying Drake's child. She managed to pull herself together in a few short seconds, this wasn't her, she's stronger than this and now so more than ever for her baby.

"Yeah, yeah..I'm fine. Thank you." She sniffed and took a deep breath before Dr Hiller moved over towards her.

"Do you mind if I?" he pointed to her stomach as she just nodded hesitantly. Slowly and carefully he lifted her shirt to see the mass of purple and blue bruises covering most of her abdomen. He glanced at her apologetically as he pressed around on her waist, feeling for anything unusual. Wincing in pain she hissed quietly before Christine placed a hand on her arm for comfort. "Ok you're going to be very tender for a while but I can't feel anything unusual." He moved up to her ribs, revealing more marks. "...And no sign of any broken ribs." He smiled and removed his hand from her body. "If there is anyone you need to talk to there are people who can help, just think about it." She tried to interrupt but he continued. "And yes, this will be kept confidential, right?" He raised his brow at Christine.

"Oh, of course!" She smiled at Nicki before Dr Hiller sanitised his hands, said goodbye once again and left Christine to do the scan.

"They said that he can't remember anything, is that true?" Her voice was quiet again as Christine rubbed the cold gel onto her stomach, making her gasp at the cool feeling.

"From what I've heard, yes. I'm sorry."Nicki stayed silent. "Anyway, let's have a look at this baby."She was trying to keep her spirits up, hoping that she was happy to find out she was pregnant. After asking her to unzip her jeans she pushed the scanner gently on to her with an moving image showing up on the screen next to the bed. Christine was quiet for a while until she figured out what was where so she could point it out to Nicki. "See, right here, it looks a little odd right now but that's the head and over here are the arms..." She pointed to the screen before moving her finger across it. "And here are the legs.....and, another head, two arms and two legs." She turned to look at Nicki's facial expression which was of complete shock. "Nicki, you're having twins. Congratulations!" She could do nothing but breathe in and out slowly as she tried to stay calm.

"Oh my God. You're sure?" Christine just laughed her shaky voice and nodded.

"Yes! See." She pointed everything out again so that Nicki could actually see everything properly, it still looked odd to her though. "Ok, well it looks as though you're around 15 weeks, you honestly had no idea?" She asked as she cleared the gel off of her and let her pull her top down and zip her jeans up.

"No, I hadn't even thought about that, I just thought it was stress or something." She ran her fingers through her hair as she sat, still in shock, Christine noticed her face.

"Don't stress yourself out, everything will be ok. You've got a good 5 months to get used to the idea. So, no more stressing, it isn't good for the little ones, kay?" Nicki just nodded, a little panicked that in only 5 months she would be giving birth and she'd literally just found out. "Oh! I almost forgot to tell you the sexes! Here, I printed an image anyway..." She slipped her glasses in and studied the ultrasound photo. "I'm sorry I don't usually do that. So, would you like to know?"


"So this one on the right, is a little girl. " She pointed to the shape on the picture before moving to the other. "And this one here is a...little boy! One of each." She smiled hard and handed the picture to Nicki. "I have to go do my rounds now but you're free to go, I think Wane went to see Dra-"

"Drake, I know. That's what I was scared of." She slid off the bed and grabbed her belongings off of the chair. "Thank you so much, and I'm sorry for actin' mad spoilt and shit before." She looked down slightly embarrassed about her behaviour from earlier. She felt like a weight had been lifted, although she'd had just been told some huge news it was kind of good news, she felt like she already loved her babies. Although she was at the height of her career which was slightly inconvenient but what could she do about it now? She always planned on having kids anyway, so it was a little ahead of schedule but right now she didn't really mind, she just wanted to go sort out this whole mess with Drake, tell him straight that she was done with him regardless of whether he could remember any of the things he did to her or not. Of course if she found out the babies were his she would let him be a part of their lives if he got himself together. She couldn't have her kids being raised with a father like her own, she wouldn't do that to her children having experienced that herself. Then, the next thing on the list would be to call Safaree and hope that he would hear her plea for him to come home. She wanted to tell him she was pregnant but not over the phone, she needed to be face to face with him.

"Nic?" She turned to see Wayne being escorted out of the ward, courteously, by hospital security.

"Wayne? The hell have you done?" She started to panic that he'd gotten involved and got himself in trouble.

"I ain't get chance to lay a hand on that piece of shit! But when he gets out..." He trailed off as he shook his head and drew in a breath. "Imma kill him if he so much as looks at you!" The guards were stood still by his sides as he spoke to her before tapping his shoulder and continued to escort him out.

"I'll call you later and....Thanks, y'know? For today." She smiled genuinely as he tipped his head and left. Feeling the bravest she had in short while she opened Drake's door and entered, standing tall.

"Nicki! Oh my God I've been-" She cut him off.

"Let me talk first." The way she barked that at him let him know she wanted to be heard so he relaxed back into his pillow signalling for her to speak.

"I'm done. Done with you, done with how you been treatin' me and done with us."

"N-no, you don't mean that, I thought we were good. We're gettin' married for fuck's sake!" He ran his hands over his face roughly.

"Aubrey, it's over. You fucked up, big time. I hope you have a good recovery, I'll go pick up my stuff from your place now. From here on, we just label mates." She turned to walk away before his angry voice stopped her.

"You'll come runnin' back soon, when that nigga can't please you. I know you'll be back Nic, just wait and see."

"Oh, so you do remember everything?" She knew he did, she was just waiting for him to slip up and it honestly didn't take long.

"Yeah, I also remember being hit over the head with a fucking flower vase too! Let's see how that goes down." He smirked at her face as she looked down and stormed out. She just wanted him out of her life and she finally felt that she'd made that clear. For now. She pulled her phone out as she got to the car park and hopped into her car.



"Look, I just wanna apologise for how I acted the other day. I'm sorry, I-."

"Nic I was done bein' mad with you as soon as I got home!" She laughed. "But I forgive you, I shouldn't have been pressin' you anyways. You was havin' a tough day. How you holdin' up?"

"Well actually, thas why I called......I left him."

"You mean Drizzy?"

"Who else? Yes, I'm done with him. Im just 'bout to go pick up my shit from his house, you wanna come with?"

"Oh my God. Yeah I'll meet you there, just gotta get some shoes on. You ok though?"

"I'm fine. In fact I feel really good, anyway I'll see you soon." They both said goodbye and hung up before heading to Drake's to pick up her stuff.


Lauren had kindly offered to let Nicki stay at hers again and they were sat eating a takeout in her lounge room. She'd told her all about Drake, the vase, and how he'd been treating her for the last two weeks. But still had to tell her she was pregnant.

"So when are you gon' tell me what the hell this "Big News" is? You know damn well I hate bein' kept hangin'! Spill Nika!"

"Alright, alright!" She swallowed her food before wiping her mouth and proceeding. "Kay, you sat comfy?" Lauren nodded impatiently as Nicki built up the courage to just spill the beans. "Well as I already told you, Drake is all banged up in hospital-"

"Yes! You already said this, come on just get to the point!" She sucked the grease off of her thumb as Nicki stared at her.

"Stop interruptin' and I'll tell you." Lauren agreed and waited for her to continue speaking. "Anyways, back to my story, so whilst I was there I had a real dizzy spell and fainted. Next thing I know I'm waking up on a damn hospital bed blah blah blah, few tests later they tell me I'm pregnant."

"Ohhh Nic! I'm so happy for you! Do you know how far along you are?"

"15 weeks." Lauren squealed again, she didn't even need to ask Nicki if she was happy, she could tell by the mile wide smile on her face that she was just as thrilled.

"Oh! I'm gon' be an aunty!" She did a random little jiggle as Nicki just carried on laughing at her before speaking up again.

"Wait that's not all." She took a deep breath. "I'm having twins." She locked eyes nervously with her friend before adding. "A boy and a girl."

"I can't believe this! Shit Nic, way to drop the news on somebody! Oh my God!"She smiled just as wide as Nicki and inched closer to her friend putting her hand on her still tiny stomach. Suddenly her smile faded. "Wait, do you know who the father is?" Nicki looked down before shaking her head no. "Damn." he sighed and shrugged. "Well, if they come out lookin' mad pasty we know they not SB's!" They both cracked up at what she just said. Nicki felt so happy at this moment, how could she go from feeling like shit, to feeling as though she was on top of the world? The only thing worrying her at this point was how Safaree would deal with the news, or if he would even come back for her to tell him. Lauren saw the look on her face and knew immediately what was bothering her. "Y'know, you can use my house phone if you wanna call him? I'm 'bout to go to bed anyways, I got work early." She stood and grabbed the house phone and handed it to a still seated Nicki. "I'll give you some space, tell him to get his ass back here and take care of his babies!" She smiled up at her friend, glad that their little argument was behind them and called after her before she got to the stairs.



"Thanks. For everything." They both shared a silent moment with their eyes before she disappeared up the stairs leaving Nicki alone to face the music. Breathing out slowly she searched his name in Lauren's contacts list before pressing the "call" button. It felt like the dial tone went on forever as she held her breath.

"Hello?" A woman answered.

"Uhm hi...I'm sorry I think I got the wrong number." She pulled a puzzled face and went to hang up, she thought she must have accidentally selected the wrong contact name but she stopped after she heard a muffled voice in the background asking who it was. It sounded like him.

"Sorry, what was your name?" The woman spoke again until it went quiet and her voice was replaced by Safaree's.

"Hello?" On the other end of the line he pulled his phone away from his ear to see the caller ID. "Lauren? You there?" Nicki froze and hung up quickly. Ignoring his three calls back and walking tearfully to her room she deleted the missed calls and any evidence of that ever happening. How could he have moved on so quickly? Remembering what Christine had said about stressing and getting worked up she tried to calm down a little, allowing the tears to diminish and dry on her face as she lay in her bed. She wished she hadn't hung up on him now. That might not have even been his girlfriend or hoe or whatever she was. Maybe this is how he always felt seeing her with Drake? She held her hand on her hardly there bump and rubbed in small circles. "Guess it's just us for now." She smiled small as she looked down. All of the day's events had left her feeling exhausted, she felt her eyes getting heavier but nevertheless she still pulled herself up to go and get washed up before she went to sleep. Her mind full of thoughts.


Over in Florida Safaree frowned before turning to his assistant.

"You sure there was someone on the other end?" He placed his phone back on his desk before dropping their lunch takeout bag too.

"Yeah. I asked who it was and she said she musta had the wrong number, why?"

"There was nobody there when I was talkin'. The caller ID said Lauren though?" She just shrugged as she grabbed her food out of the bag. "Maybe somebody stole her phone?" She politely raised her hand to cover her food-filled mouth. Safaree just shrugged and started to eat too. He thought nothing else of it.

"You miss her don't you?"

"Who? Lauren?"

"No. Nicki." Safaree looked at her weird.

"We weren't even talkin' 'bout Nic. The hell did that come from?" He shoved another load of food into his already full mouth making Lainey pull a repulsed face.

"Yeah, but you always starin' at that damn photo of you guys on your desk!" She laughed as he tore his eyes away from the picture.

"Oh, my bad. That obvious huh?"

"Just a little. Why don't you go back to her? I'm sure she misses you too."

"Nah, I can't go back and have to live seein' her with that arrogant shit! And she hurt me, a lot." He didn't know why but he could always spill his feelings to Lainey, she'd been his assistant since he arrived in Florida and he's become good friends with her husband. "So, until she calls and i know that she actually wants me 'round, then I'm stayin' put." Lainey sighed.

"You ever thought she might be too afraid to call you first?"

"No, why would she?"

"Didn't you say she stood you up the day before and never bothered to say goodbye?"

"Well yeah but-"

"Exactly! If I was her I'd be too scared to call, in case you hung up somethin'. Call her first." Safaree thought about it as Lainey left the room. He couldn't face it, not now. The fact that she didn't even seem to care was what hurt the most, so until she called him, he was going to assume that she was happy and living life without him. For some reason at that moment he remembered all those weird things going on with her, the tears, the bruises, how drained she looked. He shook his head. "If it was that bastard there is no way in hell she'd still be with him, Nic wouldn't stand for that." He muttered to himself and continued with his regular day. He hated it in Florida, he didn't know anyone he missed his friends and most of all he missed her.

*** Nine Weeks Later ***

Nicki never told Lauren about the phone call and they never discussed that matter. All Lauren knew was that Nicki seemed happy so she was happy for her. As for the whole Drake matter only Lauren and Wayne knew and they hadn't breathed a word to anyone. Unfortunately it had reached the news that she and Drake had separated but she hadn't even seen Drake since, thankfully. Surprisingly she had actually managed to keep her pregnancy extremely quiet, in fact nobody even knew. Well, her Young Money family did and her close friends and family but it hadn't been splashed across magazine covers or anything, yet. She still hadn't told Safaree, and she was fronting really well. The constant, dull ache she felt for him would lead her to tears when she was alone but she managed to suppress those feelings when around others. A recent visit to see her midwife made her worry though, the babies showed no sign of significant growth between her appointments and she worried that it was her continuous feeling of sadness about Safaree so she tried to push it to the back of her mind instantly. It turned out that her babies were just small and at the next appointment they saw a promising increase in size, her midwife was just as nice as Christine so she was happy about that too. Perhaps she needed to think about calling Safaree soon though? Anyway, as for her career, she was still doing bits and pieces in the studio but TV interviews and appearances were a no-no.

"I can't believe nobody's even noticed you're pregnant, like, I thought the media would be all over it by now?" Lauren said as she crunched on an apple.

"I'm avoiding everyone! I swear I been looked in Faree's damn house for weeks now! It's working well huh?" She didn't wait for a reply before opening her mouth again. "So what time is Candi gettin' here?"

"She said three but when the hell is she ever on time? Tardy ass!" They were sat outside soaking up the sun at Safaree's place, he never sold it in case he returned home again either for good or for a visit. Lauren had spent most of the morning removing all the leaves and other random shit that were floating in his pool because Nicki wanted to go swimming, or what she called swimming which was basically just going as far as bottom step in the shallow end. Lauren looked over at Nicki and her protruding 6 month baby bump, it looked bigger than usual in her little pink bikini. "Nic, you better get yo' ass in that damn pool today. Workin' me like some animal' all morning!"

"I will, I will. Grouchy ass." She whispered the last part and glared out of the corner of her eye as she pasted more sun cream on herself.

"And don't be runnin' 'round like no child after you been in!"

"Lauren, I'm not a kid!" She cackled and rose to her feet, stretching her back out.

"You still sore?"

"Yeah, just my lower back though. Maybe the pool will help?" She looked over at Lauren to see what she thought.

"Could do, go try it. But don't splash me or I swear I'm fucking leavin' you here alone." She slid her shades on and lay back on the sun bed as Nicki headed over to the pool steps. To her relief it was warm and it really did help her aching back as she dangled in with her elbows resting on the side. It also felt good to have her feet suspended and not carrying the weight. If she felt this achy and tired now, how the hell was she going to feel when she got to 8 or 9 months? She dreaded to think.

"I wish y'all would stop sittin' on my bladder!" She'd spent a good half hour just floating around and now had the urge to use the bathroom, again. Making sure to dry her feet properly before reaching the kitchen tiles, she made her way to the downstairs bathroom. "Fucking Lauren! What is with her and turnin' the freaking aircon on?" She stormed over to the cooling system after relieving herself. Once she set it to a nicer temperature she grabbed Safaree's old hoodie from the couch and threw it on whilst she made something to eat. Lauren had fallen asleep by the pool, no surprise there, she was about to shout her and tell her that lunch was ready when she heard the door close. "'Bout time she got her ass over here!" She licked the sauce off of her thumb as she made her way to the front door to meet her friend.
But it wasn't who she was expecting it to be.........

*Hua huaaaa here you go guys! This actual took me centuries to type so shout out to me lmao I'm just kidding! ^_^ Hope this was ok for everyone, again it was another one of my "Fixing Up" chapters where I try and get everything back in order lmaooo! THANKU GUYS so much for all the comments on the last chapter! ^___________________^ This is kinda long for one of my chapters though! I just realised haha, kay well sorry for any mistakes I made cuz I ain't reading through all that again! I should hopefully be posting on HIA next and then FY before WTWC again :)) It's kinda like a cycle now :)) Muuah*


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