Thursday, 16 August 2012


Okay, I really don't blame you all for being majorly confused! I will explain now, the first chapter is present day and then she slipped back into a flashback two weeks BEFORE Safaree left. All of the chapters after chapter one are still in those two weeks, until my next post which will be back to the day she was at the airport. You get it?

Now on to what is actually happening. Drake DID do all of those crazy things, Nicki isn't imagining those events but he is messing with her mind. Being a total monster one minute and then acting all nice like nothing has happened. He drugged her, that's why she missed two days. He needed time to fix the mess he made. So poor Nicki is MASSIVELY confused right now, Drake is mentally unstable! I think y'all are gonna be mad with the next chapter though! O_O *Nicki cackle* Hua Hua Huaaa XD

Oh and Thanku guys for all the comments. Dead @ the fact that I went to sleep with a request of 8 comments and then wake up with 11 ! You guys are amazing! So I will post again, maybe later if I get some uni work done :/ Muuuuuah *blows kisses to everyone* ^_^


  1. Ok nooow it make sense......DRAKE NEEDS TO GO SIT HIS ASS AWWWLLL THA WAY DOWN CUZ HE REALLY PISSIN ME OFF!!!! but thnx for explaining why nic is soon barb!

  2. I love Ur stories