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3. Aftershock - Part Two (Full Chapter)

*Kay so here is the full chapter guys, I hope it's alright for you all and this now no longer a oneshot blog, so this is a story now! I might find it easier seeing as I won't have to keep coming up with new ideas XD Well, enjoy and once again just saying I actually LOVE Drake as an individual, I just prefer Onikafaree as a coupling!! They're too cute!! ^_^ Enjoy!*

Nicki thought for a second before reaching for the handle, she was only around two steps away from the door when she was talking to Lauren. What if he heard? As more questions started to pop up in her head she dismissed them quickly and opened the door.

"Hey, what took you so long?" He laughed and kissed her before making his way into her house. They usually lived together at his place but with him on tour she moved back in with Safaree so she wasn't lonely. Drake was fine with it, he knew that he was he best friend. If only he really knew.

"Sorry, I was clearing up in the kitchen." She closed the door quietly and turned to see him sat on the edge of the couch.

"What's wrong? You seem really....deflated?" She felt bad instantly seeing the worry in his face.

"Nothing. Nothing, I'm just tired and stressed and..." She trailed off and wiped her hands over her face sighing heavily as she did so. "I just need an early night." He looked down at his hands which were resting in his lap and that's when she noticed he was wearing his 'going-out' clothes and both his hair and facial hair were freshly shaven.

"So, I take it you don't wanna go out tonight?" He looked up slowly with a small, slightly embarrassed, smile on his face.

"Oh babe, I'm sorry. I really am. It's just with Safaree leaving, being in the studio and planning the wedding I really can't be bothered to leave the house." She pouted and walked over to him, he gladly pulled her on to his lap and kissed her cheek.

"It's fine, I understand." He fell back into the chair with her still sat on him. "Hey, what food you got in? I could cook us a meal?" As he asked that her stomach growled ferociously. "Welp, that just answered for me!" He shifted her to the side, kissed the top of her head and started to make his way into the kitchen when he turned back to look at her. "You go relax, take a bath and de-stress. I'll shout you when I'm done." He grinned and carried on back to the kitchen. She felt like shit. How could she be doing this to somebody as sweet as him? Shaking her head she stood up and took his advice about the bath.


Safaree was laying comfortably on his bed thinking about what had happened. He really couldn't believe that Nicki would choose a guy she's known for three and half years over him. Her best friend since high school. He was completely lost in his thoughts when his phone rang loudly on his bedside table. It was Lauren.

"S'up Ham?" He didn't need to ask though, he knew she was calling about Nicki and his situation.

"Don't Safaree. Just don't. I know you gave her an ultimatum! How the hell could you do that?! I told you! Give her time, she woulda picked you in the end, I know it."

"Uhhm, newsflash, she chose HIM not ME!" He sat up angrily. "Y'know what, I'll call you later I have to go." He hung up, not letting her say anything. He couldn't believe he was leaving but it became more real when he saw his suitcases half packed on his bedroom floor. Gathering his shoes and tracksuit top he threw them on and headed downstairs, slamming the front door behind him. Nicki heard from her room as she lay in the bath, knowing it was Safaree storming out she felt her hot tears trickling down her face to meet the bathwater and disappear.


Almost as soon as he had turned and entered the kitchen the warm and loving grin he just gave Nicki disappeared as the fury took over. He steadied himself on the kitchen sink trying to calm down. He had never been so hurt, so angry in his whole life but he wasn't going to flip on her just yet. No. He was going to have her as his bride whether she liked it or not and as for Safaree, he needed to be gone.

Making her way back downstairs the smell of food hit her, that's when she realised how hungry she was. She saw Safaree's phone on the floor. It must have slipped out of his pocket again, picking it up she set it on the table near the door for when he came back to get it. He never went anywhere without it.

"You done relaxin' babe?" She felt his arms wrap around her, usually she would accept but this time he could feel her shift uncomfortably.

"Yep. Mmm, somethin' smells good!" She moved out if his grasp and headed towards the kitchen to check out what he had been cooking as he felt himself getting heated again after she disappeared out of view.

"Calm Aubrey, you got this. She ain't leavin' you for that nigga." Successfully calming himself he pasted on a fake smile and followed behind her.

"Mmm, babe what is this is? It's amazing!" She covered her mouth as she spoke, trying not to spit food everywhere. Forcing a laugh he moved closer to her.

"It's a secret recipe that nobody but myself and my family know. And I intend to keep it that way!" He reached around her from behind and pulled her back to his chest slowly and gently. "I missed you while I was away." He murmured into her neck as he began placing small kisses on her skin.

"Hmm, I missed you too." She pulled away. "But right now, I could eat a horse! Food first." She walked away casually, not knowing that he knew. He really couldn't hold the anger in anymore, he knew why she was rejecting him.

"You avoidin' me?" He cut straight to the point causing her to turn and stare.

"No, babe what are you talkin' about? I'm just hungry and I already said I'm tired and stressed!" She started saying it sweetly but then changed her tone after she realised he was only angered because he wanted something in particular from her. She hated that about him, at least when she was with Safaree he would enjoy just sitting and talking with her but with Drake the main thing on his mind was sex.

"Wait. I been away for weeks on tour and when I get back to be with you it's all thrown back in my fuckin' face?! The fuck is up with that Onika?!" She twisted her face up.

"Don't fucking act like I don't earn, Drake. I do. Matter fact if you check the figures from this year you'll find I raked in almost two million more than you!" She crossed her arms waiting for him to respond, he didn't though he just sighed and sat down. Seeing him surrender first she let down her guard down and sat next to him on the couch. "Look, you only just got back and we already at each others throats! Do you think this is gonna work?" She gently put her hand on his and squeezed it.

"I'm sorry, it's just, well I guess you're right. We never see each other and then when we do all the anger just comes out." He shook his head and squeezed her hand back. "But I'll make this work, you'll see." He kissed her sweetly on the lips, whilst she was unaware of the ulterior motive behind that comment.

"Come on, I'm starving, let's go eat this 'secret recipe' of yours!" She giggled as she stood and he tapped her on her butt on their way in to the kitchen. The kind atmosphere didn't last long before another petty argument occurred, only this time Drake had been drinking. She was on her way back upstairs to change into her pyjamas.

"So you're refusin'?" he stood with his hands by his side.

"Drake. Please, I'm not in the mood and I'm fucking tired. Just, leave." She was really trying to stop the tears now. But was shocked when he started laughing.

"You been gettin' it from another nigga, haven't you?" She froze, not knowing what to say but before she could breathe an answer he put his arms tightly around her waist. "I know you have."


Safaree noticed earlier on that he didn't have his phone but going back to see Drake and Nicki together wasn't an option. Leaving Rex's at almost 2am he figured it might be safe to go back seeing as they were probably in bed. He cringed at the thought of him touching her. He was shocked when he pulled into the driveway only to see Drake's car gone. "Musta had gone back to their place." He thought to himself.

Opening the front door he was shocked to see the couches looking horrendously untidy with their cushions scattered across the room. "Damn, if they been gettin' freaky on my fuckin' couch again..." he trailed off and shook his head. Going through to the kitchen he stopped dead noticing their mess hadn't been cleaned up in there either and the plates were still sat at the table. "The fuck? I ain't cleanin' this up." He threw the food out and stacked the plates to clean later, when he noticed Nicki's house keys still sat on the hook telling him that she was still home. He would have shouted her but they weren't really speaking so he just headed straight to bed.

Waking up the next morning he stretched and grabbed at his phone yawning loudly. It felt weird waking up without her, usually she would venture into his room after he had gone to sleep and climb into bed with him. He sighed as he read a message from Lauren.

Yoo, Nic was crushed yesterday! I understand you gotta be mad at her for choosing him but you leaving is going to kill her! Fix it, and tell her to txt me back. The bitch is ignoring me and Candi! xxx Lauren

He understood what she was saying but did nobody understand that staying and seeing them together on a daily basis would kill him? No. But he did know he wanted to build bridges before he left, there was no way he was leaving for good on a sour note, cooking her breakfast was usually a good 'I'm Sorry' gesture so he headed downstairs to make her favourite.

She could hear him clanging around, she just prayed he wasn't doing anything kind and sweet that would make resisting him even more difficult. She hadn't moved since Drake left and was still naked usually she hated sleeping naked but the pain she felt between her legs when she moved made her deal with it. She felt violated, scared and trapped. The bruises, luckily were on her arms and thighs and were concealable under a shirt or something. She panicked thinking that Safaree might come in to wake her and see her like this so she carefully sat up grabbing her t-shirt off of the floor near her side table and went over to get some underwear out of her drawers. Her thong was laying near the door, ripped at the side from when he snatched her clothes roughly, she shuddered thinking about it. Truthfully she had tried to fight him off as best she could and almost succeeded but he was powered by anger as opposed to her fear. He had sex with her, forcefully. She didn't even think of it as rape because he was her fiance but thinking about it now, that is exactly what it was. She couldn't remember how many times she said 'no' and pleaded him to stop but he wouldn't. In the end she just remained still to try and remove some of the pain.

"Nic? You 'wake?" He knocked and spoke quietly but it still made her jump, she couldn't face him right now or anyone for that matter so she made her way back to the bed. He guessed she was still asleep and decided to go clean the kitchen and then come back to wake her up later. As soon as she knew he was gone she stripped the bed of its sheets and piled them into the corner to throw away later. After putting new sheets on she showered and scrubbed her skin almost red raw trying to clean herself of him but forced herself to stop when it started stinging too much. knowing that Safaree would have heard the shower going and try and come talk to her again she locked her bedroom door before climbing back into her clean bed, securing herself under the covers....

*There you go kids!! Hope it's okay for you :/ I'm not too sure about it but I'll see how you respond ^__^ Thanku guys for commenting on previous chapters, HIA will be updated later too!! Sorry for any typos! Muuah*


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