Thursday, 16 August 2012

6. Mind Games

She held her position, tucked behind the side table near the huge bay window of the lounge room. Holding her breath, she could see him still trying to regain his own as he remained on his knees.

"No use trynna hide Nic." She shuddered as he spoke her name, all she kept hoping was that Safaree would miraculously walk through the door any minute. Before she could react her phone started ringing in her pocket, fear overtook her body as she saw Drake's cold eyes connect with hers when he pinpointed her whereabouts by the sond of her phone. He had definitely taken something, this wasn't the Drake she was familiar with. "I told you there was no point hidin' babe."

She woke up when she heard the front door close, immediately grimacing in pain as she attempted to move.

"Ahh, shit." She hissed and trailed her hand to the area between her legs. "Please, no. Not again." She started shaking fiercly as the tears ran down her face. What the hell was happening? She started re-running everything in her head sighing at the thought of having to face the trashed lounge room. That and having to explain to Safaree what had happened when he got home. Or could that have been him closing the door? Maybe it was Drake leaving? She sure hoped he had gone anyway. As she lay on her side thinking a shy knock on her door made her turn over carefully trying not to cause herself any more pain. That knock was Safaree. She knew it, but she didn't call out for him to come in. He just let himself in.

"Drake?! The fuck are you doin' here?! GET OUT!" She grabbed whatever she could off of her side table and hurled it his way, her alarm clock whizzed past his head and shattered against the door frame making him flinch and spill everything he had on the food tray in his hands.

"Nicki! It's me! It's Drake, what the hell has gotten into you?" He calmly walked over to her bed and sat on the edge as if nothing had happened. Without thinking she bunched the sheets up around her naked body and shuffled up to headboard away from him as far as she could. "Nic, babe, calm down!" She had the most confused look on her face and it was beginning to scare him.

"I said get out." She wouldn't look at him.

"I'm not leaving you like this! Somethin' is goin' on with you! Here." He handed her some toast which he had managed to save from the spillage of the tray disaster only seconds ago. She looked at him uncertainly. "Eat it, you need to keep your energy up. You look exhausted." He was right about that, she had never felt so run-down in her whole life. But what the hell was going on right now?

"What did you do to me?" She only just noticed the blood stains marking her otherwise perfectly white sheets as she teared up again.

"What are you talkin' about?" He reached to put his hand on her knee but she flinched away. "Nicki? Please?"

"No. No. No, somethin' ain't right here! You went, like, crazy! You smashed up Faree's lounge room and...." She trailed off as she looked down towards her thighs.

"I didn't touch anything in this house! I came to see you to apologise, properly about everything and you were alseep on the couch. All I did was carry you up here."

"Undressing me in the process, you really think I'm gon' beleive that?!" She motioned to her clotheless body causing him to look down and sigh. You asked me to, you kept talkin' 'bout how damn hot this house is." He furrowed his brow looking just as confused as her.

"You can't remember?" Her eyes almost popped out of her head as he spoke.

"I remember everything!" No longer caring she threw the covers back and draped her robe over herself and marched, painfully, down the stairs. "See look at the state-" She stopped when she reached the spotless lounge room looking just as it always did. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Look at what Nic?" He was stood behind her on the bottom step.

"I......Yesterday...You completely detsroyed everything in this room!" She walked over to where she was hiding. "I was down here and you saw me and then..." She trailed off as she placed her hand on her head in a distressed manner not remembering anything after that.

"Nic you're really scarin' me." He put a hand on her shoulder making her jump and stop trying to remember, it was no use. Maybe it was all in her head?

"Your scared?! How the fuck do you think I'm feelin'?!" She ran her hands over her face, smearing the tears as they started to fall again. "Don't! Seriously, don't touch me!" She slapped his hand away again. "For the last time! Will you please leave?!" Her voice shook as she kept her eyes fixed on the floor.

"I'm not leavin' you in this state." He tried once more to hold her, this time she didn't protest as she allowed his arms to envelope her into him. He had done it. He'd broken her down. "Come on, lets get you back upstairs." As soon as they had reached the top of the stairs Nicki's phone started ringing under the couch, where it was kicked during their scuffle the other night. In two days she had missed 45 calls from Safaree and a number of texts from Lauren, Candi and Wayne. Of course she had no idea she had lost two days of her life.


Pacing the hotel room he couldn't understand why Nicki would want to meet here. He walked over to the phone and dialled for the front desk asking if anyone had arrived to visit him. She was almost an hour and a half late.

"I'm sorry sir, nobody has come in asking for anybody by the name of Safaree Samuels. But I will notify you as soon as your guest arrives.

"Thanks." He sighed and hung up as he tried her cell again. Nothing. He'd been panicking for the whole time he had no contact apart from one text telling him to meet her at this motel, not wanting anyone to spot her. It was their usual meeting place whenever they got together but Nicki would always feel bad about herself afterwards. What if she was with him? What if he had hurt her? Acting on those thoughts he quickly checked out of his room and drove speedily to his own house, the one he and Nicki shared, the one he hadn't been to since he last saw her. He knew she needed space, especially since she had drawn her walls up but now he was beginning to regret leaving her alone.


It was almost 7pm and she was sleeping again as he lay next to her. Just watching her chest rise and fall steadily as he continued to run his hand gently over her arm. The sound of a car pulling into the driveway caught his attention and he immediately knew who it was.

Dropping his keys into the key bowl, Safaree looked around weirdly as he could smell something cooking.

"Hey SB! S'up man?" Drake was just coming down the stairs.

"The fuck are you doin' here?!!"

"What? I'm cooking dinner for my Fiancé, if that's alright!" He laughed a little. "The hell SB, you forreal right now?"Safaree squinted in confusion and looked him up and down before glancing up the stairs.

"Where's Nicki?" Drake could sense the concern in his voice.

"She's upstairs, sleepin'. So if you could please keep it down? She's not well, I don't want her waking up until she's ready." He walked past a puzzled Safaree and back into the kitchen. "You want a plate dishing up? I mean it is your house!" Safaree was beyond confused at this point. Maybe Nicki wasn't lying when she said Drake didn't touch her. Thinking about it now he actually couldn't imagine Drake doing such a thing and even if he had Nicki wouldn't take him back this easily, would she?

"Um, yeah. Sure, thanks."

"No problem. Oh, shit! I just remembered Nic asked me to message you and tell you she couldn't meet up with you today!"

"Yeah, I was beginning to wonder where the hell she was at!" They both laughed.

"My bad man! Here lets just say this is my apology!" He signalled to the pan he was stirring.

"I'm gon' be real with you right now. That smells so good!" Neither of them noticed her tiny frame stood in the doorway watching, she couldn't work out what was going on. Were all of those memories real? They seemed real but none of what was happening was making any sense to her.

"Oh look who found their way outta bed!" He left the spoon in the pan and walked over to her, kissing her on her forehead. "How you feelin' babe?" She smiled up at him before flashing a small, tired smile at Safaree. Drake clenched his teeth angrily, neither noticed his tense body language though.

"I little off, but I think whatever your cooking will help fix that." She walked steadily over to where Drake stood moments before as her stomach growled.

"Hopefully, anyway I'm gon' go take a shower. Could you keep an eye on the food for me babe?" She gave him a nod as he left for his shower. Silence filled the room.

"Nic? What the hell is goin' on?"

"Ugh, please don't start this again! I'm tired, I feel like shit and just to make matters worse my best friend is leaving to start a new life in two days."

"One day, Nic. I leave in one day."She turned to look at him.

"I thought you said you were leavin' on Friday?"

"I am. It's Wednesday today, tomorrow is Thursday and then I'm leavin' on Friday." He could see the obvious confused look on her face.

"Oh...My bad." She shook her head and turned back to the pan as she felt the heat of her tears threatening to fall once again.


"Well SB we better get going." Drake stood and helped Nicki up off the couch, she winced from the pain. Safaree just looked at them.

"Wait, you're goin' back to his place?" She looked unsurley at Drake who nodded reassuringly making her look back at Safaree.

"Well, yeah I mean you're leaving soon so there's no point in me staying right?" She smiled weakly, he could tell she was tired and didn't want to argue with her and get her more stressed out.

"Kay...Well, I'll call you tomorrow. I wanna say goodbye. Properly." He looked at her hopefully.

"We could go out for lunch I guess?" She had purposely waited until Drake had left the room until she spoke. This was it, tomorrow would be her final goodbye. But telling him the truth about how she felt was out of the question. She couldn't risk it. Not now.

"Lunch sounds good, I'll pick you up tomorrow." They could both tell the other was choking up and holding back tears as they hugged for what seemed like hours. Meanwhile Drake was letting the steering wheel of his car feel his fury as he slammed his hands on to it repeatedly. Back inside, Safaree pulled away from the kiss first and removed a tear from her face. Saying "I Love You" with their eyes they both understood one another, they were silent but after she left it seemed to get even more quiet.


She hadn't had a proper look at the damage done to her body since it happened again until she showered that night at Drake's. She couldn't believe her eyes, and the pain was excruciating.

"Nic, you kay in there?" That was the third time he'd asked since she started her shower. She jumped at his voice as she washed gently around all her bruises and painful scratches etched on to her skin. At that moment she knew, she was in this way too deep. He was messed up mentally, and she'd fallen victim to this physical, mental and emotional abuse being inflicted on her.
But was it too late?

*Sorry for any mistakes! I did his on my iPad which is pretty damn hard with falsies on -__- haha hope this was ok for everyone and sorry if anyone finds it confusing please ask me about anything if you did! I will try and answer questions :)) More drama next chapter which will be back to present day, when Nicki is leaving the airport after SB has left, remember from the first chapter? Thanku for all of the comments on the previous chapter ^_____^ well, night Barbz! Muuah...Oh and 8 comments for the next chapter pleeeease :)) oh and sorry it's short :/*


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