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5. The 'F' Word - Part Two

-__- Kay, so I got 8 comments A LOT sooner than I expected XD Thanku guysss! So here is another chapter as I promised. Just to clear up some things I think somebody asked what it meant when it said that "she was done with him" I didn't mean to make it sound like that, I just meant that she was done dealing with him for that day! And now I'm freaking out! That text made y'all think something MASSIVELY'll soon see anyways :)) liddddle bit more drama in this chapter, hope it's kay for everyone!*

Drake was back at his own place now, pacing like caged animal. What was wrong with him? He loved Nicki with all of his heart, how could he have done something like that to her? Even though what she was doing was wrong, on so many levels to him, he still shouldn't have got that drunk and forcefully had it off with her. He felt disgusting, it was so out of character for him too. But he couldn't lose her, not to him. Thinking about them together made him even more angry as he moved swiftly over to his drinks cabinet and pulled out a bottle, not needing a glass he just drank straight from the nozzle. Sitting alone, stewing on his thoughts.


Nicki walked cautiously down the stairs and saw Safaree with her phone in his hand.

"Anything interesting?!" She asked with attitude as she snatched it from him.

"Just ya boy talkin' nonsense." She waited until he had sat down on the couch and turned the TV on until she read the message herself. Honestly she didn't know for sure what he meant but she guessed it had something to do with last night, or maybe he remembered what made him angry. His voice kept popping into her head as she slipped back into what happened.


"You know you want it, stop fronting baby." He had tight hold of her with his arms wrapped around her waist. Instinctively she reached for his hands try and stop them as they moved further down.

"Drake, the fuck is wrong with you? I said stop!" She tried again to get out of his grasp but he only gripped her more tightly and pushed her onto the bed. Landing on her front she attempted to get up but he pushed her back down roughly as he grabbed her pyjama shorts and snatched them off, she continued to protest but he moved his hands to secure her arms above her own head, rendering her helpless. Then, ripping her underwear off he tightened his grip on her upper arms causing her to yell out in pain. But that was only the beginning. He was thrusting into her for what seem like hours until he finally let up, to her relief. That feeling was soon shattered as he turned her on to her back, ignoring her tears and never ending pleas for him to stop because he was hurting her. She braced herself again as he had a hulk-like hold on her thighs and once again forced his entry. She let herself relax this time, hoping it would stop it from hurting so much. It worked. Feeling her stop fighting him he loosened his grip on her legs and carried on pounding into her until he was finished.

"Nicki? Nicki? ONIKA?

"Ooo-ni-kaa?!" She snapped out of her little nightmare hearing Safaree yelling her name. He was stood in front of her waving his hand in her face. "What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing." She turned around to go back to her room but he clamped his big, strong hand around the top of her arm making her gasp whilst trying desperately to get him off her. Of course in reality he didn't even grab her hard but re-living that horrible moment was messing with her mind. He let go immediately noticing the look on her face and seeing the marks that were on her. She pulled her arms close to herself, rubbing the spot where his hand had been. She knew he had seen and couldn't even look at him as the tears started to burn her eyes.

"What happened to your arms?"

"Look, it's nothing. Now please could you just drop it? I'm tired and I have to be at the studio in the morning, I'm going to bed." She was true to her word, well about going to bed anyway. Once she was actually in bed she was running over all the things that had happened. Did she really want Drake back? He knew about Safaree and her, she could just tell from the way he acted with her before he did his worst. But today he was the same old Drake again. The one she fell in love with, the one she was engaged to. His drinking problem, undoubtedly, was to blame for this. She remembered seeing his eyes as he lay on top of her that night, they were black and there was nothing there. Like it wasn't him but just a shell of who he really was. Then on the other side she had Safaree. The only reason, she finally realised, she chose Drake was because a) there was definitely some type of love for one another there and b) because he had declared it by proposing. But she knew deep down he wasn't the one. It was Safaree, it always had been and always would be.

She must have drifted off at some point during her never-ending thoughts because she woke up with a tight feeling around her waist. Panicking she pulled urgently at the pair of hands securely wrapped around her and kicked around violently trying to get away. As soon as her feet hit the floor she turned to face her bed and backed away slowly breathing fast and heavy as Safaree sat up with an alarmed look on his face.

"Nic? What's goin' on with you?!" He moved to get out of the bed but she put her hand up signalling for him to stay away from her.

"Please, just...just don't come near me." Her voice was trembling and he could see her body physically shaking. She had stripped down to her underwear before she got into bed because she had the heat on full blast in her room. The light of the full moon was illuminating her bedroom, it was almost like there was a white light on. He noticed her arms again, she tried unsuccessfully to hide them but she saw his eyes travelling to her waist and chest where more marks had begun to show up, before finally reaching the top of her legs where the bruising was the worst. He could clearly make out what looked like fingertips patterned by bruises on her skin. They looked sore. She blinked at him a few times as her eyes adjusted and noticed it wasn't Drake. She had been having a nightmare about him and therefore expected it to be him when she noticed someone had hold of her.

"Nicki? What did he do to you?" His voice had a hint of anger in it and the last thing she needed was yelling and fighting, she just wanted everything back to normal. Controlling her tears, she pulled her robe from the bedpost, sliding it over her arms and fastening it gently around her middle.

"Nothing. Why are you in here anyway?" He could tell she was lying and trying really, really hard to not to cry, even with the underlying attitude present in her voice.

"My ass he ain't do nothin'. And I'm here 'cause I can read you like a book, you were lying when you said those bruises were nothing and now your lying about him not doin' it." He moved the covers back and walked over to her. "I came up here because something is bothering you, I know it." He placed his hands gently on her shoulders as she couldn't hold back the tears anymore, letting him pull her to his chest. They stayed like this for a while, with him just trying to comfort her. He moved them both back over to her bed and climbed in. Never once letting go of her. She never said anything after that and he let her drift back off to sleep, although he was determined to find out what happened he didn't want to force her, but he was beyond angry and if Drake did what he thought he had done then he was going to stop at nothing to make sure he regretted having ever lay a hand on her.


He woke up the next morning alone in Nicki's bed. He was confused at first but then remembered what happened. He didn't get to sleep until around 6am, thinking about her and what could've happened. Nicki however hadn't realised how much of an impact Drake's actions were having on her until last night. She was finished talking about it, and thinking about it so she buried it and pulled her guards up. It's the only way she felt like she could move forward. Making a mental list she planned to finish with Drake, she already had the perfect explanation, and tell Safaree that she loved him and only him. But something was telling her it wasn't going to that simple.

Nic we need to talk. Im worried bout u xx 

She kept reading the text over and over again thinking about what to say back.

Don't worry. Im fine. Just leave it x 

When he received her message he sighed frustratedly. He knew what she was doing, putting her brick walls up and once they were up they were damn hard to knock down again. He didn't reply because he knew she was at the studio with Wayne and Baby, he didn't want to be a distraction.


"Aight Nic, we done our verses. Yo' turn." Wayne jokingly bowed to her which made her giggle slightly.

"God Wayne! You are such an ass!" She motioned to slap him as she carried on laughing.

"My bad Barbie! But forreal though we gotta be quick with this one, we runnin' behind." He made his way back over to a seat next to Baby as she made her way in to the booth before laying down her verse for their new track. Everything went well and she was finished sooner than expected, without anyone noticing her issues.

When she got home she saw Safaree's car was gone and exhaled with relief knowing that she wouldn't have to face him just yet, she needed to call Drake. She hadn't spoken to him since last night and needed to find out what happened with him and also to break it to him gently that they were finished. Once she made inside she clicked call on her phone. It only rang four times before he picked up.

"S'up baby?" His voice was cracking and he was slurring ever so slightly.

"Aubrey? Are you......Are you drunk?" Her voice elevated with anger as she finished asking her question.

"Nah, bay I told you already. Imma stay away from that shit, like, it's poison right?" He wasn't as drunk as she thought but he was still drinking nevertheless, and she had specifically told him not to otherwise he would face the consequence of losing her for good.

"You know what?! I'm done with you, I fuckin' gave you another chance nigga and you just gone and fucked up again! It's over Aubrey!" She ended the call abruptly and felt herself actually crying. She didn't know if it was everything getting on top of her or the fact that she just split up with her fiance. She was dreading the media getting hold of this, that was another thing she could do without right now. Just letting go and crying herself to sleep on the couch she didn't hear the door open and close again as he entered the house.


Sensing, in her sleep, that someone was watching her she opened her eyes and before she could make a noise he put his hand firmly over her mouth.

"Make a noise and you'll regret it." His voice was eerily calm and his eyes, those same blacked out eyes, were focused on hers. It was Drake. All she could do was merely hum against his hand but nobody could hear so what was the point? He let go gently and bent down to her level as she tried to regain the air she was deprived of. "Let me talk. You did your talkin', now it's my turn." He waited for her to answer before he continued. She just nodded shakily. "I know about your sordid lil' affair. That hurt me Onika. I dedicated three years of my life to you, I love you. Then I find out you fuckin' yo' best friend. The fuck is with that?" She couldn't work out what was going on, the words he was using were angry yet the way sounded when he said it was sweet yet hurt.

"How....How do you know 'bout that?" She sniffed, not feeling that intimidated as he was at her level and talking reasonably.

"I overheard your phone call, you'd be surprised at how hollow those fuckin' doors are." He looked down, when she noticed his hands shaking. That and his calmness and dark eyes, made her start to think maybe he had taken something and she began to feel uneasy around him again.

"I never meant to hurt you Aubr-" He stood up quickly making her jump and also rise to her feet.

"YOU NEVER MEANT TO HURT ME? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GON' STAND THERE AND SAY THAT TO MY FUCKIN' FACE?!" He didn't give her chance to answer before he turned around and flipped the glass coffee table over sending shards of glass every which way as she tried to shield her face. Had he well and truly lost it? He went mental, trashing anything in sight and completely destroyed what used to be the lounge room. As he sat panting trying to regain his breath after his outburst of fury, Nicki pondered whether or not to move from her place of safety. But his voice made her freeze.

"See what you've done to me?"

*BOOOOOOOOM Imma leave it there cause now Im just typing all kinds of shit cause Im once again dozing off at the laptop XD Hope it was okay ://// also 8 comments for part three puhleeeaase ^_^ ...Maybe I should make it 10 next time though? >__> haha anyway goodnight barbz :* I apologise for any mistakes! I was watching Mob Wives while I typed, shit got too intense for me NOT to watch! XD*


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