Thursday, 2 August 2012

2. *sneak peek* Aftershock - Part Two

*Uhhm I really don't know what to do right now...I was thinking of maybe turning this into an actual fic otherwise I will hardly be posting cause I will have to keep coming up with new ideas and I am reeaally not very good at that! But it's totally up to you guys, obviously if nobody is that keen on it at the end of this then I will just continue doing oneshots and end this as planned OR I could continue? ^___^ But I can't stress enough that I never plan what I'm gonna right, like sometimes I have the odd idea pop up when I'm daydreaming...which is pretty much 24/7 but anyway I just log on and type whatever comes to mind, which is why I make so many mistakes lmao. Well hope it's ok! It's a really short sneak peek!! :/ *

Nicki thought for a second before reaching for the handle, she was only around two steps away from the door when she was talking to Lauren. What if he heard? As more questions started to pop up in her head she dismissed them quickly and opened the door.

"Hey, what took you so long?" He laughed and kissed her before making his way into her house. They usually lived together at his place but with him on tour she moved back in with Safaree so she wasn't lonely. Drake was fine with it, he knew that he was he best friend. If only he really knew.

"Sorry, I was clearing up in the kitchen." She closed the door quietly and turned to see him sat on the edge of the couch.

"What's wrong? You seem really....deflated?" She felt bad instantly seeing the worry in his face.

"Nothing. Nothing, I'm just tired and stressed and..." She trailed off and wiped her hands over her face sighing heavily as she did so. "I just need an early night." He looked down at his hands which were resting in his lap and that's when she noticed he was wearing his 'going-out' clothes and both his hair and facial hair were freshly shaven.

"So, I take it you don't wanna go out tonight?" He looked up slowly with a small, slightly embarrassed, smile on his face.

"Oh babe, I'm sorry. I really am. It's just with Safaree leaving, being in the studio and planning the wedding I really can't be bothered to leave the house." She pouted and walked over to him, he gladly pulled her on to his lap and kissed her cheek.

"It's fine, I understand." He fell back into the chair with her still sat on him. "Hey, what food you got in? I could cook us a meal?" As he asked that her stomach growled ferociously. "Welp, that just answered for me!" He shifted her to the side, kissed the top of her head and started to make his way into the kitchen when he turned back to look at her. "You go relax, take a bath and de-stress. I'll shout you when I'm done." He grinned and carried on back to the kitchen. She felt like shit. How could she be doing this to somebody as sweet as him? Shaking her head she stood up and took his advice about the bath.


Safaree was laying comfortably on his bed thinking about what had happened. He really couldn't believe that Nicki would choose a guy she's known for three and half years over him. Her best friend since high school. He was completely lost in his thoughts when his phone rang loudly on his bedside table. It was Lauren.

"S'up Ham?" He didn't need to ask though, he knew she was calling about Nicki and his situation.

"Don't Safaree. Just don't. I know you gave her an ultimatum! How the hell could you do that?! I told you! Give her time, she woulda picked you in the end, I know it."

"Uhhm, newsflash, she chose HIM not ME!" He sat up angrily. "Y'know what, I'll call you later I have to go." He hung up, not letting her say anything. He couldn't believe he was leaving but it became more real when he saw his suitcases half packed on his bedroom floor. Gathering his shoes and tracksuit top he threw them on and headed downstairs, slamming the front door behind him. Nicki heard from her room as she lay in the bath, knowing it was Safaree storming out she felt her hot tears trickling down her face to meet the bathwater and disappear.


Almost as soon as he had turned and entered the kitchen the warm and loving grin he just gave Nicki disappeared as the fury took over. He steadied himself on the kitchen sink trying to calm down. He had never been so hurt, so angry in his whole life but he wasn't going to flip on her just yet. No. He was going to have her as his bride whether she liked it or not and as for Safaree, he needed to be gone....

*I ended it there because I need to know whether you all want this to stay as a oneshot and for it to end after part two is done or if you want me to change the name of the blog and just make it into a fic?? Totally up to you, I won't be offended either way ^___^ Thanku guys so much for leaving your @ names and reading!! <3 Muuah Oh and I'm posting on HIA tonight, I'm bouta start writing so prepare for a little bit of drama*


  1. That was a good short post. But whatever is easiest for you to write because either way oneshot or fic it's going to be a great story because you're a great writer. :)

  2. You're the writer whatever is less complex for you I'm cool with

  3. Wateva floats ur boat, i thnk it wuld b a great story...

  4. Whichever u prefer to do is fine and ah he did hear huh

  5. It's up to you Carlee. I would love for it to come a fic but if it's too much then don't. Beside u have a life and other two fics. But I love this... This was good....

  6. woooo! I liked it, it was intense! When Nicki shut Drake down about going out to dinner tho i was like cackling! Im such an evil bitch but oh well *pops gum* anyways, Lauren needs not to be nagging at Safaree down the phone! she needs to be nagging to Nic to dump the emosh weirdo shes engaged to! And if Drake touchs the weeniest hair on Safarees head immma be mad! Post soon ( as in continue this!)

  7. This was really good. I think you should make this a story. And imma need Drake to take a seat so Safaree can be great!