Thursday, 23 August 2012

7. Alone

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She couldn't believe what had just happened, how she just let that happen. Didn't fight, didn't plead or cry. She just let him walk out of her life, for good. The tears started to sting her eyes as she hurried quickly through the airport, it was like she was invisible and nobody cared that she was trying to push her way through the crowds. Getting more frustrated by the minute she snapped angrily at an elderly man stood in her way.

"Sir, would you please move?!" He looked astounded that somebody would speak to him with such a tone and when he didn't answer she just brushed past him as more tears rolled down her makeup stained face. She made it out to the waiting taxi and jumped in quickly.

"You were too late ma'am?" The driver looked sympathetic as he pulled away from the pavement, Nicki couldn't answer him. "I'll just take you back home then?" She nodded whilst trying to wipe her tears and get herself together. Safaree had gone, and there was nothing she could do about it.
She knew leaving the house without any security with her was stupid but she was in rush. Not that it mattered any more, she was too late. She stood him up the day before, he waited for an hour in the restaurant before leaving and then him turning up unexpectedly at Drake's had landed her in major trouble. She couldn't understand this hold he had on her, she was an amazingly strong individual and she never let a man walk all over her or take advantage of her but this situation with Drake was, different. Perhaps it reminded her of her childhood, but honestly she had no clue. She did know however that there was no way in hell she was going back to that drunken monster. He had issues. Quickly informing the driver she wanted to go to another destination she pulled her phone out.


"Hey boo, s'goin' on?"

"You home right now? I need to see you." Lauren could tell she was crying.

"Yeah, sure. You need a bed for the night?" She guessed she was going to have to do the bed up anyways. She knew Safaree was leaving today and Nicki was going to be in pieces.

"Please...If it's not too much to ask?" She sniffled as the driver pulled up to the driveway of Safaree's house. She needed to pick up some essentials and she certainly didn't want to go back to Drake's.

"Don't act silly, it's not a problem. I got some ice cream too. I knew you'd be coming over!" They both chuckled slightly.

"Ugh! I'm such a mess Lauren." They talked for a little bit longer until she hung up as she payed the driver and let herself into Safaree's house. Everything in there reminded her of him.

It was a good two hours later and Nicki had gathered everything she needed, showered and even packed some photos of her and Safaree. She stood in his room for while, smiling when she realised he'd taken all of the pictures with him. It wasn't as if she was going to sit and dwell on him not being there, she still had work to do, interviews, music videos and studio time. That was enough to keep her busy, which she was glad of. The anger towards herself was at an all time high. Why didn't she tell him she loved him? All of the opportunities she had and she ignored every single one. There was something stopping her though. Past mistakes and issues that were never resolved and she didn't want to go there again, dragging all of those memories up. While she was with him under these circumstances it was fine, she wasn't committing herself to him at least not officially. She felt in control and protected when she was pretending it was just sex but when he said those three words, it changed everything. He'd said it all the time when they were teens but his mistakes and constant fuck ups hurt her. Those mistakes in comparison to what Drake was doing now however were nothing. She needed to get away from him. She sighed and shut his door before heading out to Lauren's.


"This movie is my life, I swear!" Lauren giggled to herself and looked towards Nicki who was being really quiet, she smiled unconsciously when she realised she was sound asleep on the sofa. Standing up she turned the movie off and made her way over to the other couch.

"Nicki? Babe, you should go to bed."

"Mmm, in a minute." She knew she wouldn't so she shook her again and pulled the blanket off of her small body.

"No, now! Go." After receiving a grouchy moan and being hit with a pillow Lauren's third attempt worked. This was the part Nicki was dreading, going to bed alone. Although her relationship with Drake was turning toxic she still felt like when he held her at night it was genuine. Like he still loved her, but nothing could make her feel any more loved than being wrapped in Safaree's arms. 

She woke up in a cold sweat as the sun cracked through the curtains. She'd hardly slept due to the amount of phone calls and texts from Drake. Thankfully they stopped at about 3am, allowing her to finally drift off, if only for three hours. She had to be up and ready for a an interview at 12pm, she'd texted Terrence and Day last night telling them to be at Lauren's for 9am. There was no way she was going to be able to get back to sleep so she decided to go shower and eat before everybody came. When Lauren finally emerged from her room it was almost 10am and Nicki was sat being tended to by her team, Lauren gasped and fastened her robe quickly whilst squinting at the amount of sunlight in the room.

"Good morning sleepyhead!" Lauren just glared at her friend.

"Hey. Why you up so damn early?"

"Uhm, it's like ten in the morning!"

"Exactly! Thas like the crack of dawn!" Everyone laughed at her dramatic behaviour. "Anyways, what you gettin' all dolled up for?"

"I have an interview today. I wanted to change it, but I just wanna get it outta the way now." It was her first work related thing she was doing without Safaree by her side, Lauren knew it was going to be hard.

"Can I go along? y'know? To the interview?"

"Babe, you don't have to ask! 'Course you can!" She knew that would cheer her up.


It was just Lauren and Nicki in the back of the car. The interview had become awkward after the host asked about the wedding and started questioning her about the airport incident. It seemed people had seen her in the tearful state the day before.

"Nic, you should call him. He wanted to leave as much as you didn't want him to leave. You're both to goddam stubborn! And I am not 'bouta sit here and let both of you be miserable. It was too obvious as well."

"What do you mean?"

"When that interviewer asked you 'bout the wedding you froze up like crazy and started stuttering and shit! Ain't nobody fallin' for the lies you told either!"

"It's complicated though." Lauren looked at her, bewildered.

"I don't get what's so complicated? You love him and he loves you! Get over whatever issues you have and sort this shit out, otherwise you gon' end up married to Drizzy while the man you really love finds some basic hoe to wed! Get it together Nic! Stop moping!" Those were obviously the wrong choice of words as Nicki spun her head around quickly.

"You have no idea what the fuck I'm goin' through right now!" She paused regaining her composure she didn't want to explode on her best friend. "I'm going back to Safaree's, I'll get my mopin' ass outta your hair."

"Nic, you know damn well that's not what I meant so just cut the drama!" 

She stuck to her word though, two days had passed and she was back at Safaree's. Drake and Lauren had been calling her constantly, she was trying to get some new songs written but it just wasn't happening. She was kind of surprise that neither of them had tried visiting her but was glad the hadn't. She didn't want to face either of them. The only people she'd talked to were Wayne, Baby and her Mom. Nobody suspected a thing though, what was hurting the most was the fact that Safaree hadn't even called. Knowing he was probably mad she stood him up and didn't even bother saying goodbye, calling him first was looking like the only option left. She hadn't stood him up deliberately though, Drake had gone through her texts whilst she was showering that morning and completely lost his temper. He was smart though, never touching her face or neck when he went into a furious outburst, most of the hits were directed at the areas which could be covered. Snapping her out of the miserable thoughts her phone started ringing on her lap. It was Wayne so she answered.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nic, you need to get down to the hospital. Like, now!"

"Oh my god! What is it? What's happened?" She started panicking and throwing on various items of clothing to conceal her identity.

"It's Drake, and it don't look good."


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