Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sorry For The Delay Kids! :/

Wow! So I actually didn't realise that I had received 10 comments!! My bad! Well, thank you all for commenting and reading. I will be posting later on tomorrow at the same time as I update FY and I MIGHT even try and get a chapter, maybe a sneak peek, done for HIA too ^__^ But tomorrow, definitely THIS blog and FY. For those of you who I don't talk to through twitter I told the Barbz I had a surprise for y'all on FY...could be good, could be bad. You'll soon see! Night Barbz *kisses you all* Muuah Oooh and before I go if any of you guys have twitter and want to leave your @ name I will follow you and tweet when I post if it makes it easier for you! On the condition that you NEVER post the links publicly on twitter or say the actual name of any three of my blogs...only in DM's ^___^ Thanku Guys! <3


  1. Can't Wait!! :) & @Hello_KittyBarb

    1. lmao! I tried to reply + ended up deleting my own comment -__- smh
      anywaaays, I followed you!! ^____^

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  3. Replies
    1. I just followed you! :))

      Ohh and to everyone who sees this I had some last minute Uni work that just took over my whole night -___- So tomorrow guys, I shall be posting if possible! ^__^