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10. Rightfully Reunited - Part One

As he dropped his bags down on to the floor he looked up to see a shell shocked Nicki stood before him. He didn't really know how to greet her or if he should greet her after the way they left things, he noticed her pulling uncomfortably at the front of his old hoodie she was wearing, she only had on a pair of bikini bottoms.

"Safaree? You're....Back." She sounded both shocked and scared.

"Yeah looks that way huh?" He set his bags down in the hallway as he just continued to stare at her, for some reason it felt really awkward and she must have felt the same because she kept looking down and fidgeting. "So. How you been?" He didn't mean for to sound as plain as it did, it kind of came across that he didn't really care. She wrinkled her brow and shook her head a little.

"Just fine. Thank you. How 'bout yourself?" She returned the same feeling of uncomfortableness causing him to sigh.

"Nic, I ain't mean for it to come out like that and you know it."

"Oh? Do I?! I mean, when was the last time you freaking called or-" He jumped forward angrily.

"Don't fucking start with all that! Forreal? You never  bothered to keep in touch either! Hell, you couldn't even be bothered to show up to our goodbye dinner! The fuck is up with that Nicki?!" He kept his eyes fixed on hers as his nostrils flared.

"Ugh." She curled her lip. "I can't believe you." She turned to walk away but he grabbed her wrist and in that moment memories of Drake came flooding back. All she could see was his angry face. "Stop! Let the fuck go of me!" He loosened his grip seeing the absolute terror on her face, she was desperately fighting the tears as her body shook uncontrollably. Out of instinct reaction, both of her hands had gone immediately to her bump as she held herself protectively. His eyes gravitated down to where they rested.

"Nic, are you-" The confusion was written all over his face and clearly evident in his wobbly voice.

"Pregnant? Yes, yes I am! So get the fuck outta here doin' shit like that!" She let the tears roll down her face as he tried to step closer to her. "I mean it Safaree! Don't!" Hearing all the commotion outside Lauren came running through to find Nicki in a state, Safaree was out of her view at that point.

"Nicki?! What's happened? Is it the babies?" She gently guided her to the bottom step on the stairs. "Here sit down, I'll go get you a drink." She'd noticed her shaking and remembered that her Midwife had said to give her a sugary drink if this happened. As she turned she came face to face with Safaree, he looked in shock too as he was still staring down at Nicki who was trying to regulate her breathing, which had just become unexplainably erratic. "Oh my God! SB? When did you get here?" she smiled as she hugged him but then frowned realising that Nicki's mini panic attack must have been something to do with him, she pulled away slowly. "S'goin on?" She looked between the two of them, both stayed silent until Nicki tearfully spoke up. 

"Nothin', I'm just...I'm gon' go have a lie down for a bit." She stood herself up slowly and grabbed a blanket from the clean washing pile at the bottom of the stairs, wrapping it around herself as she ascended the stairs carefully. Lauren was totally confused and a little angry too.

"The fuck you gone and done to her?"

"Me?!" He motioned to himself. "I ain't do shit! I come here to find her fucking pregnant and she ain't even told me!" He rubbed his face angrily. 

"Don't act dumb. She told you over the phone that they could be your babies, and you're the one who couldn't give two shits! Everythin' that nigga put her though and you couldn't even call to see how she was? Nah, you can leave for that." Attempting to show him to the door he stopped her.

"Wait 'Babies' as in, more than one?" He looked puzzled and then he threw another question at her. "And Drake? What did he do to her?" His face had gone from angry to one hundred percent worried.

"You know she's having twi-" Lauren stopped as she looked down shaking her head. "She didn't call you did she?"


"Imma kill her. I should have guessed!" She walked through to the lounge room with him following as they took a seat. "Ion wanna be meddlin' in your business but she ain't helpin' none. Nic's pregnant with twins." She watched his face drain of colour before continuing. "They could be yours, or Drake's."

"You still ain't told me what he did to her?" Lauren cringed, this really had nothing to do with her but for Nick's sake and the babies, all of this needed to be sorted out. Now.

"I told her to go to the police but she wouldn't. She didn't want Young Money to come out of it badly which I said prolly wouldn't happen. It was Drake's doin', not like anyone else was involved."

"Can you just tell me?"

Lauren breathed in and out slowly before talking calmly and quietly. "He started drinkin', a lot and things got heated. He was hittin' her, hurtin' her and..." She trailed off as she grew angry just thinking about it. Safaree already knew what came next though. He remembered all the marks he saw on her thighs that night. Why didn't he say anything? Or do anything? Instead he dismissed the obvious and left her. He felt sick and Lauren could see the rage in his eyes. "You can't do anything though SB! Promise me? That shit's in the past and Nic definitely doesn't need any more of it rakin' up. Look how she gets." Her eyes widened waiting for him to respond but he was still deep in thought about anyone laying a hand on her like that. "And besides nobody seen or heard anything from the slimy bastard since he was discharged from the rehab centre."

"I can't believe I just left her. I just lay it on her and made her feel bad for not carin' and sayin' goodbye when all the time that asshole was prolly beatin' the shit outta her." Lauren grimaced just thinking about it.

"He was playin' games with her, made her think he loved her. Tricked her into thinkin' it was all in her fuckin' head! He's sick, mentally." Safaree stood up and paced slowly.

"You think you could give us some time, alone?" She looked unsure but knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

"Sure, Candi's comin' over soon so I'll just meet her out front and come back later." She stood up to go get some proper clothes on. "Oh and SB?" He looked up instantly. "Don't get her worked up, please? She's already been warned about that, it isn't good for any of them for her to be like that." She folded her lips sympathetically as she walked out of the room.


Once Lauren and Candi were gone Safaree made Nicki a hot drink and made his way upstairs, it was silent so he figured she was sleeping. Entering quietly he saw he curled up on her side, facing away from him. He felt so guilty about everything and he knew it was going to be a task to fix all of this but he would start by apologising. He set the drink down on her nightstand and kneeled by the side of the bed, looking over her she still looked as good as always, and now with her being pregnant she looked as though she was glowing. He traced his fingers gently along the length of her hand, both of which were securely wrapped across her bump, he couldn't believe she was having twins and they were possibly his. When Lauren told him he didn't know quite how to react, it was going to take a lot of adjusting to but he was more than prepared to be there for the woman he loved and his possible kids. Without warning her eyes shot open at his touch and she jumped back barely suppressing a scream as she clutched her chest.

"Shit! You scared me." She relaxed and flopped back down breathlessly as he stood up, noticing his hand was touching hers she pulled away from him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to."

"S'fine." She sighed. "What do you want SB?" She had moved her eyes back to facing nothing in front of her prompting him to get in her line of vision and catch her attention.

"You." He held his position as he watched her eyes trace his body all the way up to his eyes.

"After everythin' you just said downstairs? You still 'want' me?"

"Nic, I never stopped wantin' you, can't you see that?" He furrowed his brow slightly as he once again crouched to her level so he could look into her face properly.

"Oh yeah? And what about that woman that answered the phone when I called you?" She looked down, trying to avoid his gaze. Her nose sounded stuffy letting him know that she had obviously been crying up here for a while.

"What?...Wait, when did you call?" He tried to grab her hand again, this time she let him as she swiped a tear with the other.

"I called you on Lauren's phone, some girl answered and then you came started talkin' and I hung up."

"That was you? Why did you hang up?" He pushed her hand a little and she instantly knew what he was doing as she moved back further into the centre of the bed to make room for him. He lay so that they were how they usually settled, face to face with close proximity. Just like that he made her feel so safe and secure, like she hadn't felt in a long time.

"'Cause I couldn't believe how fast you moved on an-"

"Nic, that was my assistant, Lainey." He tightened his grip on her hand as she looked down embarrassed.


"She was the one who told me to come back."

"Wait, she had to tell you to come back?" Her face twisted up angrily.

"No! No, not like that! She talked some sense into me, made me realise I was actin' dumb and then when I heard 'bout the big ol' wedding bein' cancelled I booked a flight as soon as." He paused before continuing. "I missed you, and I'm sorry I left you. 'Specially with everythin' that was goin' on." Bad move, as soon as he said that she snatched her hand away from him.

"The fuck do you know 'bout any of that?" He shut his eyes regretfully, he really put his foot in it now.

"Nic, she was worried 'bout you! She had to tell me." She scoffed as she sat up to get off the bed.

"Lauren told you? What else did she go and yak 'bout?" She marched off to her bathroom as best she could given her pregnant state.

"Don't be like that! She's tryin' to help Nicki. Look at me!" She stopped dead in her tracks as she felt him nearing towards her. Honestly she just wanted to turn around and be in his arms but she didn't want to just give in that easily, it wasn't in her nature. "Nicki, please?" His warm hand on her shoulder sent tingles through her body and she turned to look at him with tears, once again, balancing on her bottom lid.

"How do I know you're not just gon' do what you did before?" His head dropped.

"That was years ago, we were kids Nicki. What do I have to do to prove myself to you?!" He was getting heated now, he didn't know what she wanted from him. He told her all the time that she was his world, she meant everything to him but she never seemed to buy it and just treated their relationship as a beneficial one, sex with no strings attached. Of course that was a front and he had no clue she was feeling the same way inside. Experiencing slight guilt she grabbed his hand tenderly.

"Ion want you to prove anythin'. I just...." She dazed off. "Ion know anymore." Wiping her face she let go of him and went into the bathroom, he didn't believe what she was saying and followed her.

"Obviously that isn't true though, is it Onika? I love you and I would do anythin' to prove that to you! Please?"

"Can you just stop? I can't hear this right now, Ion even know what to think anymore Safaree, everything in here.." She pointed to he own head. "..Is just such a fucking mess!" She finished her sentence with a huge cry as more followed, increasing the frequency of her sobs. Not thinking twice her pulled he as close to his own body as he could, she stayed rigid for a while but soon melted into him. He wasn't sure why she was going into the bathroom in the first place but he decided to take her back out to the bed. 

Hours passed and they were still laying there in silence, she'd fallen asleep again but he was wide awake with all the thoughts swirling in his mind. Hopefully that was it, he'd got through to her but he knew it was going to be a really, really long road back to where they were  all those years ago as kids but he had to really fight to show her that he was here to stay, this time. He looked down feeling her stir a little, gently pushing her off of him he pulled a blanket over her tiny frame and drew her curtains before turning her light off and going back downstairs. It was almost 7pm and he needed to let Lauren know everything was ok, she was probably sat at home on the edge of her seat worrying. He texted her asking her to come over, he need to talk to her about everything.


"So he's vanished? Just like that?" He looked over at Lauren and Candi as they just nodded. 

"Nobody heard anything from him, hopefully he in his rightful place. Dead in a ditch someplace nobody will find him." Candi snapped as she took another sip from her drink.

"Well he's gone, that's the main thing right?" Safaree and Candi nodded in agreement with what Lauren was saying. "How's Nic?"

"She's ok, she's still sleepin' though."

"Mmm I keep forgettin' she's like, six months pregnant!" Candi laughed lightly, making the conversation a little less depressing.

"That's how far she is?" He asked with raised brows.

"Oh, yeah, sorry I forgot to mention that. I assumed she would say somethin'."

He shook his head. "Nah, it's good. We didn't really get to speak 'bout that. I'll wait 'til tomorrow, I think she's done with it all today." He sighed and stood up double taking at the lounge room doorway as Nicki walked in slowly only to be greeted by Lauren's high pitched voice.

"Hey sleepy head, how ya feelin'?" She just looked at Lauren, still mad that she interfered but kind of grateful because she broke the ice for them and made it easier for her.

"Hey. Yeah, I'm okay, thanks. What are y'all doin'?" Her voice was timid as she took a seat on the big couch by herself.

"Uhm, actually we was just 'bouta head off. But we poppin' 'round tomorrow kay?" She smiled tiredly and nodded before making eye contact with Safaree, he knew what she was asking even though she didn't open her mouth.

"I'm not goin' anywhere." As soon as he said that her shoulders relaxed. After saying goodbye to Candi and Lauren it was just them again.

"Thanks, y'know? For not leavin'?"

"Nic I live here, with you, and I wouldn't leave anyway. I meant every word I said upstairs too." She looked him dead in the eye and took that moment to really observe him, he looked serious and like he really did mean what he said. Truthfully that whole time he had been in florida she had been through the angry stage and was done with it. But seeing him again ignited some of that anger, however she managed to extinguish it easily. She had been awake upstairs for ages, thinking everything through and she knew what she wanted. She'd wanted it all along but never acknowledged the desire.

"I know. I'm sorry for shuttin' you out earlier, there's just so much shit goin' on." He took a seat next to her and was surprised when she moved up to him and rested on his side. "I love you too." Those four words she whispered caught him completely off guard.

"You're not just sayin' that?" She giggled slightly at him second guessing her feelings for him, that wasn't his fault though.

"No I'm not, Safaree I love you. I always have." She gently intertwined her fingers with his farthest away hand as he put the other around her an pulled them to lay back on the couch before speaking up again.

"I know it's gon' take a while to get back to the way we were but we'll get there."

"Promise?" He looked down at her worried face and realised how hard this must have been for her. To open up like that, being as vulnerable as she was right now and she still did it, for him.

"On my life." he kissed the top of her head and placed their joined hands on her bump. "So, talk to me. What's goin' on in here?" She smiled and placed her free hand on her stomach too.

"Don't play, you already know. Lauren told you right?" He scrunched his mouth up guiltily. 

"Yeaah, kinda...But all she said was that you were havin' twins and you're six months." He shrugged. "Boys? Girls?...Both?" He twisted his head awkwardly to look down at her as she sank into him even further being that she was relaxing more and more by the minute.

"A boy and a girl." His face lit up, not only at the fact that he might soon be a parent to twins but at the smile she had on her face with her dimples exposed. He missed that so much while he was away and he was glad to be back, for good. "So, you're fine with all this? I mean, they could be Drake's too."

"I know. And yes, I'll love them whether they're mine or not."

"They'll always be yours anyway." They stayed silent and stared at one another before he took the initiative and leaned in, kissing her passionately. She accepted and returned the amount of love being put into that one action.


The news had just come to him in his gloomy pit of an apartment. Someone had kindly let him know and he was going to do whatever it took to get her back. Her and his potential kids...

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