Saturday, 29 September 2012

12. Shadow *Sneak Peek*

*Sorry it's only a mini sneak peak ^_^ I feel bad cuz this blog seems to be the one that gets the most comments :// Well hope the sneak peek is ok for you all*

Without warning Nicki stood up in a state of anxiety causing Safaree to understandably start to panic.

"Nic? What is it? What's wrong?" He grabbed her hand as she tugged at him to leave.

"Please can we just go? Ion wanna be in here." She let go of him and started to swiftly make her way to the exit when he just stood still in confusion. He only let her get two steps away before he was on her tail again.

"Nicki?" His large hand grasped on to her tiny wrist as she kept trying to get to the door.

"Safaree please?!" The volume of her plea made people enjoying their meals turn around to stare. Including Drake. He hadn't even considered bumping into her just yet, this was just coincidence. Dropping his napkin he rose to his feet and headed towards them. He knew SB wouldn't cause a scene in public, especially when Nicki was with him. You could call her his protection in a way.

"Fancy seein' you two here. Of all the places, weird huh?" He sidled up to the couple, Safaree could feel her shaking and knew he had to get them out of the eyes of everyone in the room. They were more visible now and people were starting to whisper and point, noticing who she was and what was different about her. It wasn't hard to miss, she was six months pregnant, with twins. He would deal with Drake's ass another time, knowing that if he started screaming, yelling and throwing punches more attention would be drawn to their presence.

"The fuck do you want?" His hushed whisper was only heard by tables close by as Nicki attempted to stay out of Drake's view.

"Ion want anythin'! 'Specially not from you." He made eyes at Nicki before following the contours of her body down to her bump. "S'up Nic? Cat got yo' tongue?" She turned away, hating that he had this hold on her. She was, and still is a strong individual but with him, it was different. He was dangerous, more so given her current state.

"DON'T!" Safaree paused, attempting to regain his composure. "Don't talk to her, and stay the fuck away." He put emphasis on the right words, making his message more than extremely clear as Drake backed away a little. More people were staring which caused him to hold his hands up and walk off backwards. He wasn't don with them just yet. Watching walk off Nicki let out a breath of relief as Safaree took her hand in his. "Come on, let's go."

*Might post the rest 2mrw if I have time ^___^ Thanks SOOOOOO Much for the 16 comments, that's like the most I have EVER got!! :))*


  1. Safaree gon kick his ass and I'm just waiting for the day tbqfh!!!

  2. Plssssss post 2mrw if you can this sneak peek got me on edge. I need the rest :)

  3. Awwwww shit. Drake's ass is gonna end up dead. I hate him. He just needs to fall off the earth so they can be great. Please post soon!!!

  4. He needs his ass beat. Tryna cause a seen in public.

  5. OMG WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS? talkling to Nic like she a piece of shit......naah mate...........Safaree ganna beat the shit outta him and he fucking deserves it. If i was in the restaurant i woulda picked up my fried chicken and lobbed it at his head. FUCKING WANKER. But if Safaree ends up getting inn trouble...........IM GETTING ON THE FIRST FLIGHT AND WHOOPING YOU! #justsaying lmaoo good chap bew

  6. Drake feeling his self, he'll wanna chill before Safaree beat that ass. Like he don't get the hint that Nicki don't have nothing to do with him anymore.

  7. UGH. Drake really? -__- WHY would u go approach them and WHY would u go get confrontational with them too? U KNOW what u did and u have the NERVE?! He is just a lil too cocky. Needa tone it down.

  8. Ugh! Of course! Drake HAD to see them. -_- He better stay away! :/