Thursday, 20 September 2012

11. Rightfully Reunited - Part Two

*This is a little short because I've posted on two blogs 2day Cause I won't be posting tomorrow or maybe Saturday :// Hope this is alright for everyone :)) OH yeah and @TeamMinajVA lmao at wut you said about Drake. I really do love him and he's nice in two of my other blogs WTWC and HIA I'm working on him being nice in FY and CM but for CAHM he's a bit of an ass XD Kay so THANKU all SO much for the comments!! They made me smile so big!! And whoever said my blogs where fucktastic, thx haha lmao! I'm really nervous about posting now because y'all really liked the last chapter and I'm always afraid that I'm not going to live up to previous chapters :o So hopefully this is ok ://*

Nicki woke through the night in a cold sweat and tried to calm herself down whilst she was still wrapped neatly in Safaree's arms. That soothed her a little, knowing that they were well on the way to repairing their damaged relationship, she looked over at him sleeping peacefully and wished that sleep would find her again too. Feeling the babies moving she rested her hand on her bump and thought for a little while, she really hoped that they were Safaree's but she had a horrible nagging feeling that they weren't.

"What's wrong?" He moved his head to face her, she hadn't noticed him wake up.

"Nothing, I just can't get back to sleep." Without saying another word he pulled her closer, knowing what he was doing because as soon as he tightened his grip around her she was asleep again in no time.

The next morning he woke up to the sweet sound of vomiting. Something he figured he'd have to get used to seeing as babies vomited a lot as well. And they were having two of them. Not hesitating to go see if she was ok he made his way into the bathroom as she flushed the toilet and pulled her toothbrush out of the cabinet.

"You okay?" He rubbed her back as she just nodded groggily with toothpaste foaming out of her mouth. "I guess you won't be wanting foo-" Before he could finish she shut her eyes tight and shook her head no.

"Ok, no food." he kissed her cheek before leaving her alone as he heard the shower start up. He wanted to do something special for her but didn't know whether she felt up to leaving the house. She definitely didn't want food, although she'd have to eat at some point and there wasn't much else they could do. The thought of offering to help her shop for baby stuff seemed a bit too forward to him, what if she thought he was just pushing in on something that didn't involve him? After all they might not even be his. She stood staring at his little confused face which was deep in thought as she exited the bathroom in only her towel.

"You kay there Faree?" She planted herself next to him on the bed.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah I'm fine. Just thinkin'."

"Oh? Always a dangerous thing." She giggled as he pouted pathetically.

"Enough of that, what do you wanna do today?" He sat back slightly as she started lotioning herself.

"Ugh, Ion know, something that doesn't involve me havin' to leave here."

"Nic, have you even been outta the house?"

"Nope. Been locked up in here forever. Ion wanna have to face everyone, 'specially the freaking paparazzi. I really can't be dealin' with them." She rolled her eyes thinking about it.

"Nicki, that really isn't good though. You need to get out and get some fresh air."

"I'll open a window later, I'm fine." She finished up lotioning and grabbed herself some clean clothes, stay at home clothes.

"Ohkaay then." He folded his lips and fell back. Suddenly feeling something hit him in the face he reached up only to grab hold of her bra, which she had flung his way.

"Oh, so it's gon' be like that huh? Geez, I'm tryna help and this is what I get?" He dropped it carelessly on the floor and tried to stand up but she stood on his feet which were still planted firmly to the floor.

"No, I'm sorry don't leave me." She laughed even more when he started walking with her still on his feet, but for fear of tripping and squashing her he lifted her off gently.

"You still don't want any breakfast?"

"Mmm." She paused as she twitched her mouth and tilted her head in thought. "Actually yeah I could eat somethin' I guess."

"Good. change your clothes, we're goin' out to eat."

"What? Faree no! Ion wanna go out." She poked her bottom lip out and sat back down slowly.

"Pout all you want, PoutNika, but we're goin'. End of. So hurry up." He kissed her forehead before heading into the bathroom to do his morning duties too.

"Tellin' me what to do." She mumbled as she rummaged to find something presentable yet comfy to wear. Honestly she didn't have anything that would fit which resulted in her sat crying like a child on the floor. He was alarmed when he came out of the bathroom to find her in tears but when she explained why she was upset he had to try really hard not to laugh.

"Damn hormones." He muttered before helping her up. "Look, stop crying! You're not fat, you're carrying twins. We'll go get you some of them stretchy clothes today, kay?" He waited for a verbal response but she just nodded sadly and threw some sweats back on. "There see? You look fine." she smiled weakly and made her way downstairs whilst he got dressed, hoping and praying that she wouldn't be like this for the next three months.


They'd been driving for about five minutes  when someone spotted them, understandably Nicki was on edge and wanted to go home already but Safaree knew it wasn't good for her to be cooped up twenty four seven.

"Please can we just turn around? They're followin' us Faree." She looked out of the window as they drove down the slow moving street, there was only three photographers following on foot but she knew as soon as she got out of the car more would appear.

"It's fine Nicki, I'm not gon' let anythin' happen to you. Any of you." He put his hand over hers which was habitually resting on her bump.

"I know, but it's not just that though. I've been out of the public eye forever, nobody knows where I'm at or anythin' and Ion want-" He cut in and finished her sentence.

"Drake to find out?" He looked at her momentarily as he forced his eyes back to the road.

"Yeah." She sighed quietly. "That and nobody even knows I'm freaking pregnant yet."

"That's mad, Ion even know how've managed to keep that under wraps."

"I told you. I haven't left your house in, like, a lifetime." Just as she finished up what she was saying he pulled into a restaurant parking lot, the photographers were nowhere to be seen.

"You ready? Imma ask for a table at the back so no one can come annoy us." She just nodded at everything he said before he opened his door and went around to get hers for her. She stepped out warily and he noticed so he quickly grasped her hand in his and led her to the door. After he asked for a table right at the back a young girl showed them the way and left them to choose what they wanted to order. "You all good now?"

"Yeah, thank you. I really did need to get out." She smiled gratefully and continued looking over the menu. Once they'd decided a waitress came over and took their order and left them to talk, but it wasn't long before Nicki spotted his face from across the restaurant.

*:O sooooo sorry it's only a liddle chapter, I don't really like it either but Im posting anyways :// Hope it was ok though and THX again for all the comments on chapter 10!! ^_______^ Also a MASSIVE shoutout to the people who comment without fail! You guys are the reason I still write and you know who you are, so thanku ^____^ <3 Oh and what do you want updating next? FY, HIA, CAHM, WTWC or CM? *


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