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15. Diagnosis - Part One

*Okay I officially do not like this chapter after writing it FOUR times! Yes that's right I wrote it four times and got angry before posting it as it is >:( Moving right aloooong, hope this is ok for everyone It's a little rushed and short and Im sorry but I'll give myself more time for the next one I promise it will be better!!*

After he watched them leave he felt the anger consume him. How the hell was Drake about to text Nicki asking her to meet up with him? After everything he'd done to her, everything he was still doing to her. He'd been woken multiple times last night with her crying out in her sleep but he would just pull her trembling body to him and hold her until she drifted off again. He didn't know what else to do. Grabbing his keys and phone he headed out. He needed some time to forget all his troubles and be with his friends too just like Nicki was right now.


Their car ride was awkwardly quiet as Nicki just looked at her nails and Candi played on her phone in the back whilst Lauren kept her face on scowl as she drove them. That was another thing, Nicki wanted a driver to take them in one of the cars but Lauren deemed that idea ridiculous if she wanted to keep a low profile. Especially since they'd gone against Safaree's orders of taking some form of security with them.

"I ain't sittin in the back on the way home, just sayin'." Feeling her temper flare Lauren tried to keep a lid on it but when Nicki responded equally as childishly as Candi she felt as though she was about to flip if another word left either one of their mouths.

"I get motion sickness Candi, fuck outta here wantin' the fat pregnant lady to sit in the back and be throwin' her goddamn intestines up!" Candi rolled her eyes and looked out of the window as Lauren exhaled shakily and ran her hands over her face. They were stuck in traffic, sat silently.

"Stop it."

What?" Nicki looked at Lauren confusedly.

"Your foot. Stop tappin' it like that. It's annoyin' as fuck." Looking down she realised that she'd been absent mindedly tapping her foot on the side of the car door. Stopping immediately she widened her eyes and looked out of the window too after sighing. This horrible feeling she had wouldn't go away, it was heavy on her mind as she felt her hands trembling. They reached the mall in silence and honestly the only one who was completely unaffected by Lauren's mood was Candi. Who carried on acting as normal as they strolled in. Nicki kept her shades on as she felt her heart thumping, she had no idea why she was freaking out so much about leaving the house but she'd been having eerie feelings. She figured it was probably nothing or if anything just her acting strange because she was pregnant. Luckily nobody knew she was carrying, it made her more difficult to identify.

"Why'd you bring me here?" She huffed as they walked around.

"Oh my God, Nicki if you really don't wanna be here then just go wait in the fuckin' car!" Angrily looking through her bag Lauren searched for the keys.

"By myself?" She laughed dryly."Yeah, like that's gon' happen!" As Candi roamed off after rolling her eyes at a snappy Lauren Nicki stood by her aggravated friend. "The fuck is wrong with you today?"

"Nothin'." Pulling her purse over her shoulder some more she looked at Nicki's face which showed that she knew she was lying. "Really, it's nothin'. Now can we please get on with this, get what you need and get you home before SB thinks we got yo' ass kidnapped or somethin'?"

"Ion believe you but I'll figure it out. Right now though, I want a smoothie so let's go." She shook her head and followed behind Nicki as they caught up with Candi again.

They'd been walking around aimlessly for ages after getting smoothies and amongst a few giggles Nicki still couldn't shake that weird feeling. On top of that all the walking had made her feel tired and achy.

"Can we please sit down?" Lauren looked back at her fed up friend and agreed as she watched her trying to stretch her back out. She'd been really quiet actually, and honestly she had expected more whining to have occurred.

"Yeah, you wanna go eat?"

"Oh my God! Yes!"

"Shit, you act like you've never been fed before!" Candi cackled as they headed over to the food court, luckily it wasn't very busy.

"I'm eating for three." She looked her dead in the eye as they walked and held up three fingers just to make her point clear.

"Whatever. Where d'you wanna eat?"

"Somewhere away from everyone." She scanned her eyes across her surroundings and jumped slightly when a store worker nearby accidentally knocked off a shelf of items.

"Well, we're in a food court so, there are people everywhere and why you actin' mad jumpy and shit?" Throwing her empty smoothie cup into the trash Lauren fixed her eyes on Nicki waiting for an answer.

"I'm not."

"Uhm, yes you are!"

"Whilst you two argue 'bout that I'm gon' get me some food." Walking off ahead she left Nicki and Lauren to sit down. They were both moody and quite frankly pulling her into a depressive state too. Sitting in silence Lauren kept her focus on Nicki as she kept checking her phone and bouncing her knee.

"Aight, what is up with you?" Bringing her head up she stayed still.

"Me? I could ask you the same freakin' question! You been actin' so bitchy all day! Anyone would think you're the one that was fucking pregnant!" She had no idea where that outburst came from and immediately regretted opening her mouth. After staying silent almost all day she felt drained, tired and now after her angry explosion she felt as though she was on the verge of tears. This was the part of pregnancy that she hated, for no reason she felt like she hated everyone around her and they were purposely trying to annoy her. She loved her friends but was in no mood to be in their company right now.

"Wow, I didn't realise we couldn't have our own problems to deal with, I'm sorry." She placed her hand  on her chest as she spoke sarcastically.


"No, don't talk to me. Ion wanna hear your mouth right now." Rubbing her temples she took herself some painkillers out and took them with her water. She gave Nicki a look again.

"Now what?"

"Stop bouncing your leg like that, you look like a nervous wreck." She hadn't realised what she was doing as she stopped her limb from moving. Suddenly feeling really warm she pulled at the scarf that was around her neck as she fanned herself.

"I don't feel right." Lauren looked up momentarily as she heard her trembling voice.

"You kay Nic?" She let her eyes wander over her shaky hands and flushed face. "Nicki?" She didn't answer as she stood up swiftly, she had no idea what was happening as she tried to breathe.

"No, no I feel like I'm gonna pass out." She squeezed her eyes shut and used the table to steady herself as Lauren stood up too, looking more and more concerned by the second by her friend's strange behaviour.

"Is it the babies?"

"Ion know." She paused and looked at Lauren pleadingly. "Please can we just go?" Grabbing at her chest she tried to steady her breathing but the more she tried the worse it got and people were starting to stare. As her shaking became more visible Lauren felt her stomach drop, this could be serious.

"Shit Nicki, you're really scarin' me! I'm callin' an ambulance!" she did as she said she would and dialled as Candi neared them with her McDonald's bag in her hand.

"Are you okay ma'am?" An older man asked worriedly seeing a pregnant woman in such a distressed state, she'd sat back down again and was still trying to stop herself from breathing so fast and deep.

"Oh my God, what's happening?" Candi rushed over to the seat next to Nicki and held her hand as the man pulled the brown bag from her grasp and emptied the contents.

"Here, breathe into this, I think you're hyperventilating." As Lauren spoke on the phone Candi helped Nicki hold the bag to her face and the stranger coached her through her breathing, hoping it would have the desired outcome. They watched Nicki as she shut her eyes, allowing the tears that were forming to fall down her face as she struggled to control the rapid rising and falling of her chest.


Sitting with the Vaks he'd been more reserved than usual, stuck in his thoughts about the whole Nicki and Drake situation. What if he hadn't deleted the text? Would she have agreed to see him? He answered his own question as he shook his head, she wouldn't do that. Not after the way he treated her, no way. Popping another chip into his mouth he saw Rex staring at him.

"You aight?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Sleepless nights that's all." He re-adjusted his hat and stood up. "Well, Imma make a move now I was gon' take Nicki out to eat but I have a feelin' she ain't gonna want to leave the damn house." As he was about to head out his phone vibrated in his hand, looking down he saw it was Lauren. He'd missed three calls from her and as he opened her text he didn't hesitate in leaving immediately.

Pulling up to the hospital he parked way out of the lines and darted straight to the front desk. After asking quite rudely the lady pointed him in the right direction. Exiting the elevator he saw Candi and Lauren sat outside looking worried.

"What's happened? Is she ok?" He was talking a mile a minute as Lauren stood to talk.

"We don't know yet, the doctor-" Before she could go on she was interrupted by the man himself.


"Yeah thas me, is she ok? Can we see her?"

"Yes, yes just a moment. I wanna explain some things first and then you can go see her. She's been askin' for you." He smiled which reassured them that there was no bad news.

"Well what's wrong with her?" Candi crossed her arms across herself nervously as the doctor moved his eyes across the three of them.

"Nicki appears to have suffered an anxiety attack, which accounts for the hyperventilation, trembling, heart palpitations and all the rest."

"An anxiety attack? I didn't even know she was suffering from anxiety!" Lauren cupped her hand over her mouth feeling awful for having made Nicki leave the house when she didn't want to. Obviously it was being out in the mall that had set her off.

"A lot of people don't until the first attack, but with Nicki it could be a number of things. I'll talk about that later with you alone Mr Samuels. I'll let you go see her now, she's fine. A little tired but she and the babies are fine." He flashed them a smile and patted Safaree reassuringly before going around them and  heading toward his next patient.

As they entered her room they saw her laying sleepily on her side. He was right, she looked exhausted.

"Hey, how are you feelin'?" Each taking a seat Lauren asked guiltily as she looked over her.

"Sleepy." She pulled her eyes away from Lauren as Safaree walked over to kiss her. They both let him take the seat closest.

"I'm so sorry for makin' you go out. I had no idea, why didn't you tell me?" He held her hand supportively as he sat down.

"Honestly? I didn't know either I just felt weird." She sighed quietly before feeling herself dropping to sleep. He stayed there, holding her hand until she properly asleep again. Candi and Lauren left at around 7pm and Safaree was sat wondering why they were still in the hospital, surely if they were fine then the could leave. Just as he was about to stand up he heard the door open as the doctor walked back in.

* I hope this was alrightish, excuse any medical errors, I am no doctor although I do have experience with Social Anxiety Disorder since I suffer from it so some of it should be similar! Lmao, thx for all ur comments on the previous chapter I cried at how mad you all were with the cliffhanger XD My next chap will be less rushed and more mentally planned!*


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