Wednesday, 24 October 2012

14. Back To Normality

* Okay kids! Massive ass apology first! I'm sorry I've been neglecting this one a lil bit but I'm posting now so it's all good! Also some of you may have noticed that there is a link on all of my blogs for Cassie's Dricki Blogs, I know most of you are Onikafaree fans but some ppl read Dricki fics too, so if you're one of those ppl I believe she just posted her first chapter on Sweet Dreams so check it out of you can, I've heard she is a good writer and she's sweetly displaying my blog links on her fics too ^_^ Kay Imma stop waffling on now!! Enjoy!*

As he slowly blinked his eyes open her reached over to touch Nicki laying next to him but she wasn't there. Sitting up some more her scanned his eyes around the room, she was nowhere in sight. Before he had chance to throw the covers back he heard the TV downstairs and looked over at his phone. It was 5am.

"The fuck's she doin' up this damn early?" Rubbing his eyes he let his legs fall out the side of the bed and stayed there for a minute before heading downstairs. Surely enough there she was. Looking like she was wrapped in some sort of cocoon sat in the dark with her pink blanket draped around her, only inches away from the TV screen. Walking over slowly and quietly he placed his hands on her shoulders causing her to scream out and spill her bowl of cranberries everywhere.

"Safaree! The fuck?! I almost peed myself you asshole!"

"Shit, I ain't mean to scare you that bad. Maybe if you sat further away from the freakin' speakers you woulda heard me! Why you sat so close anyhow? You gon' get square eyes." He took a seat on the floor next to her as she tried to regain her breath. He felt a little bad seeing how much he'd actually made her jump.

"I wasn't sleepy and I didn't wanna wake you up." She looked at him sweetly as she popped another cranberry into her mouth.

"You know yo' ass is gon' be sleep again by ten don't you?" He looked at her knowingly as she frowned.

"Uhm, no I won't. 'Sides, so what if I am? The babies like sleepin'." Placing her free hand on her bump she massaged it lovingly, still eating her cranberries.

"Oh? Well they better keep on likin' it when they're born too. I ain't doin' no midnight diaper changin' sessions!"

"What? So you'll let me do all that when I'm the one that has to carry 'em 'round for nine months, feed 'em AND give birth to them?" Pausing with her snacking she looked at him expectantly.

"well when you put it like that-"

"Exactly. So that's cleared up then. You're doin' diapers." Licking her fingers she sat forward and stood herself up. "I'm goin' for a shower. Could you please make me some-"

"Pancakes?" She grinned widely at him knowing what she wanted.

"Thank you Faree." Kissing him gently she tightened the blanket around herself and shuffled back upstairs as he watched, shaking his head.


Setting them both some pancakes on to plates he whisked them over to the table and placed the cutlery next to them. Nicki was still showering as he waited in the kitchen for her. Slowly losing his patience he decided to head upstairs and see what was taking her so long. He knew it, walking into their room what else does he see but Nicki fast asleep in the centre of the bed. He chuckled softly to himself and rearranged her blanket over her.

"Told her so." He sat with her for a bit before deciding on a time to wake her up since he wasn't sure when Lauren and Candi were coming over. Once that was done he headed back downstairs to eat his own pancakes, throwing hers away. If she wanted more later then he'd happily make her some. After texting Lauren and finding out what time they were coming to get Nicki he went back upstairs to shower and all that good stuff. They were going to drop around at about midday and then take her out which gave her two hours to get ready if he woke her at 10am.

The girls stuck to their word about coming over but they came a lot earlier than he expected and understandably Nicki was still laying in the middle of their bed.

"Hellooooo?" Candi threw her shades on to the side table as they let themselves in.

"Why d'you do that?"


"Add way too many O's on to the end of your 'hello'?" Lauren curled her lip as she shut the door. Candi had been irritating her all the way in the car and honestly she felt as though she was close to kicking out of the damn vehicle. "And besides, she could be sleepin' so keep your mouth zipped, hear me?" Candi rolled her eyes and headed in to the living room, then the kitchen and then back again.

"Must be upstairs."

Once they made it upstairs Lauren headed in the direction in which she heard music playing, it was coming from Safaree's room as he was just getting dressed after his shower. But she stopped hearing Candi's hushed whisper.

"Lauren! Come look at this mess!" She stifled her giggles as she stood in Nicki's doorway staring at her. She was curled up on the bed, her pink blanket still layering her body.

"Awww! She's too cute, let's go get a picture 'fore she wakes up." Silently agreeing they cautiously entered and climbed on to the bed with their friend. She didn't stir as they snapped a few pics on their phones.

"Ew, that is so weird! Did you see that?" Candi's face looked horrified as she stared down at Nicki.

Lauren peered over before talking. "What?"

"Look!" She whispered and pointed at Nicki's bump as one of the babies moved.

"Oh my god, can't she feel that?" Lauren asked as Candi gently poked at Nicki's stomach. Neither of them knew Safaree was watching in amusement from the doorway.

"Y'all havin' fun over there?" Jumping at his voice they both snapped their heads around quickly, in turn making the bed wobble and waking Nicki up.

"Ughh, why are y'all sat starin' at me when I'm sleepin'? Weirdos." Laughing at her not even opening her eyes to speak they pulled her blanket off of her.

"'Cause we love watchin' you sleep, you look cute. Now come on, we're goin' out so get'cho ass outta bed Onika."

"No." Still laying looking sleepy she waited out the silence before blinking her eyes open slowly. "Safaree, make 'em leave? Please? Ion wanna go out, I'm tired."

"I'm not helpin' you this time Nic, you need to get outta the house. You're gonna rot away in here, 'sides I thought you said you needed maternity clothes?"

"I do but there's this new thing called online shopping, Ion know if any of y'all have heard of that but it's pretty damn handy."

"Aight, I'm not really likin' pregnant Nika right now. She's lazy as fuck." Holding eye contact with Lauren, Candi folded her lips after speaking before switching her eyes back to Nicki as she moved from her side and on to her back.

"Oh? Hows about you carry two babies inside of you and then see if you skippin' around bein' all energetic and shit."

"Nicki, get up. We'll be waitin' downstairs and you've got exactly thirty minutes." Leaving her laying there they all filed out and headed downstairs. Hearing her groaning in a tantrum-like manner after they'd gone.

"Wow, you guys are gon' have fun with her today!"

"SB, don't even!" He could tell Lauren was riled about something but didn't want to press her so toned down his jokes as he shared a look with Candi.

Flopping gracefully on to the couch she ignored Lauren's huffing and faced Safaree. "Anyways, s'been goin' on SB?"

He shrugged before remembering the text Nicki got from Drake last night, but he decided not to say anything. "Nothin'." I been playin' housewife and Nicki's done nothin' but sleep forever."

"Yeah, is that even normal?" She raised her brow slightly and watched Safaree's face scrunch up.

"Ion know, I was readin-"

"Wait! SB, reading? Wow, you really are serious 'bout this huh?"

"Candi we're talkin' 'bout the woman I love and my possible kids here? Of course I'm serious!" He sat back and tilted his a hat a little.

"My bad, sorry I asked." She rolled her eyes playfully. "But really though, I'm happy for y'all and it's about freaking time too!"

Almost thirty minutes later a furious looking Nicki appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "Kay, I'm ready are we goin' or what?" They all shared a exchange of glances as she grumpily shoved her shades on and threw her bag over her shoulder.

"Oh, so you're not gon' say goodbye?" He walked over with his arms outstretched as she stood sulking.

"No. You're forcing me to leave the comfort of my own home. I'm mad with you."

Feeling his arms wrap around her from behind and rest over her bump she tried hard to stop the smile from spreading across her face. "You still mad?"



"But pleeaaase don't make me go? I really, really, really don't want to Faree." Hearing them both whispering Candi and Lauren interrupted them, instantly knowing what Nicki was probably doing.

"Aight! Lets go!" Gently grabbing and arm each the dragged a reluctant Nicki out of the door, letting Safaree peck her lips quickly.

Not one of them had stopped to think of any reasons why she might not want to go out though...

dun, dun, duuuuuun >:)

*It's a liiiiiiittle short, I know AND I typed a majority of this in one of my psychology lectures BUT don't worry and don't yell at me it was the last lecture of the term and I'm re-watching them before exams anyways ^_^ so it's allllll good :) But you got this chap and tmrw I'm gonna be typing like a crazy bitch cuz I'm doing CM, WTWC and FY :)) I'm rethinking my decision to completely end FY cuz I had a few DM's about it and ppl wanted it updating soo....Imma sleep on that :) OH and more drama with the next chap for this fic ^__^ Thx for all ur previous comments too! x *


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