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17. Behaviour Uncalled For

*Okay so I hit a brick wall with CM right now but I'm trying to get it together so I decided to post on here and WTWC today ^_^ Hope this is ok! And thx so much for the comments on chapter 16! The posts I'm doing today are quite small but that's only for today I'mma start posting again as usual and try get some longer chapters in :))*

It was getting late and everyone could see that Nicki was tired as she lay pathetically into Safaree's side. Her parents along with Safaree's were stopping in the spare rooms and everyone else was leaving. In the space of thirty minutes every person had cleared out of the house.

"You want somethin' to eat before you go to bed?" Safaree couldn't help but smile at how Carol would talk to Nicki as if she was still a child living at home.

"No thanks, I ate like a truckload for lunch." She rubbed her stomach before taking a seat at the table. Her friends were the only non-family members still there, everybody was in the lounge room down the hall and as soon as Mama Carol left the kitchen it was just Nicki and Lauren. She could tell she wanted to leave but spoke up before she could make a move. "You okay Lauren?"

"I'm fine, I just need an early night." She smiled and rubbed Nicki's hand. "I think I'm gonna head off but I'll-"

"No, don't go yet!" she felt her small hand grip on to hers as she tried to stand. "I need to talk to you."

"What is it?" The curiosity on her face wasn't genuine as she returned to her seat. Nicki knew that she knew what she was going to ask her.

"What's goin' on with you? And don't even think about lyin' 'cause you already spun enough of those. I'm not stupid Lauren, there's somethin' up with you." She looked like a deer caught in the headlights but that expression changed as Safaree walked in, placing his hands on Nicki's shoulders as she took no notice of him. He kissed her head and carried on over to fridge, Lauren's eyes followed him all the way and Nicki didn't fail to notice. Turning her own head she looked at him and then back to Lauren, her gaze still hadn't broken. "What are you starin' at?" Her demanding voice made her tear away her eyes and look back at Nicki's face.

"I'm really fine Nic, don't stress yourself out. It ain't good for-"

"No, don't turn this back on me. I asked you if you were okay, now could you please answer me truthfully?" Safaree could feel the tension in the room and grabbed his plate of scraps before leaving quickly.

"I'm just goin' through some stuff right now, but it's fine. I'm gettin' through it."

"You don't have to just "get through it" though, y'know you can talk to us? Why didn't you say somethin'?"

"I can't talk about this, 'specially not with you." Nicki's face contorted as she gave her a look.

"The hell is that s'posed to mean?"

"Look at you! You got everythin' anyone could ever want. You wouldn't understand."

"Wait, if you're talkin' 'bout bein' famous and-"

"I'm not." She took a breath and started playing with her nails as she avoided making eye contact with her friend. "I mean your life right now, you and Safaree are gettin' things together. You're abouta have twins. I'on know I just want what you have and sometimes it's like you can't even see how blessed you are." She finished her heartfelt explanation and left Nicki sat there speechless.

"Don't think I'm not grateful for what I have, 'cause I am. Really, Safaree's the best thing to have ever happened to me!" She smiled as she spoke but Lauren's face remained the same. "You'll have all of this soon, hopefully more planned and thought out than the way I'm experiencin' it."

"That's the thing though, I won't. I can't." The sudden crack in Lauren's voice made Nicki frown and grab her hand.

"Sure you will, you're-"

"Nicki, you don't get it. I ca-" She cut herself off and huffed. "I can't."

"You can't what?" This was becoming more and more confusing to Nicki's already frazzled mind, she didn't know whether it was because Lauren was actually being confusing or if she was just tired after a relatively big day.

"I can't have kids Nicki."


"Just like that? That's all she said?" Safaree was removing his watch as he sat on the edge of the bed with Nicki laying behind him.

"Yeah." Her answer was followed by a deep sigh causing Safaree to turn and look at her.

"She can't be mad at you 'cause you can have babies though, that's just messed up."

"She's not mad with me Safaree, she's just..." Her thoughts cut into her sentence as she became quiet again. "I feel so bad that she felt like she couldn't speak to us, y'know?" SB was listening as he ripped the cover up and climbed in next to her.

"Wait, when did she find out 'bout all of this?"

"After you left. And there I was sat tellin' her how a got pregnant by accident. And with twins too." She slapped her hand on to her face and groaned. Lauren hadn't told her the whole story but she was more than cut up about the whole thing, especially having to watch one of her best friends experience all of this and not be able to ever know what it's like herself.

They lay together and talked for ages. By the time they actually got to sleep Nicki had been in tears about Lauren and tired herself out even more, leaving Safaree with his own thoughts. There was no doubt about it. He felt so bad for Lauren, even more when he thought about how much he was always going on about the twins, he was mentally kicking himself but couldn't carry on like that. How was he supposed to know what was wrong with her? Feeling Nicki stir next to him he sat up and peered over at her face, her brow was furrowed deeply. She had done this two nights ago and as soon as he started rubbing her back she became still again and her face relaxed. Sleep wasn't far away from him as he continued rubbing at her skin and before he knew it he was fast asleep too.

As the weeks passed by Nicki and Safaree were well on their way back to normal and they were taking things slowly in terms of her leaving the house. She didn't for a while but then whenever  Safaree would head out to go get something she'd just ride with him in the car so she could leave the self-made prison. The word was out that she was pregnant and now everybody knew but she figured that would have to come out sooner or later. As for Drake he hadn't been heard from in a long while but he definitely wasn't forgotten. With his focus purely on the road Safaree kept the speed up as they headed across town to Rex's place, it was Candi's birthday and a couple of them they were going around to celebrate. They already decided before hand that they weren't staying too long, just a quick hello, happy birthday and goodbye.

"S'up with you?"


"Yeah, 'cause that's exactly what it seems like." He shook his head and carried on concentrating on the road whilst she just ignored his last comment and played mindlessly on her phone. Honestly she was already feeling uncomfortable with the thought of being around Lauren right now, she just wanted the night to be over so they could go home. Not to mention her new worry of going into labour at any moment. The rest of the short car journey was silent until they pulled up to a stop and he helped her out of the car. They just let themselves in and followed the noise of people people talking before they actually found them all in the back lounge room.

"Oh my God, is that Nicki? Actually outta the house?"

"Fuck you." Her dry response matched with a blank stare made Rex laugh as he walked over to them.

"Nah I'm just playin', they all through there." He gestured behind him and let her past before greeting Safaree.

The room went a little quiet as she walked in, mostly out of surprise that she'd even come out. The silence was temporary before Candi jumped up to see her. Embracing her in a hug she led her to the couch. Everything was going smoother than she thought after she'd wished her a happy birthday and gave her a gift, until TT started asking about baby names.

"How can you be ready to pop 'em out any time now and still not have come up with any names? That's the first thing I'd do!"

"I'on know, it's just somethin' we haven't really spoke about." She shrugged under their gaze and caught a glimpse of a very uncomfortable looking Lauren as she played with one of her bangles.

"You must have some ideas?" Now Candi was offering her input too, much to Nicki's annoyance. She wanted to keep the focus on the main reason they were here but it was all turning back on to her. She was glad the guys had all moved outside, the only reason being that they didn't want to smoke around her.

"I really don't though." She smiled before looking between their faces. "Anyway tonight isn't about me, it's your birthday."

"How kind of you to notice." The spiteful comment wasn't just noticed by Nicki as all three girls turned to look at Lauren's scathing face. TT was about to open her mouth but Thembi stopped her.

"How 'bout we get some birthday drinks goin' or somethin'? Orange juice for Nic of course. Come help me." Thembi nudged her before jumping up and moving through to the kitchen. There was silence once again as Nicki looked down at herself and Candi switched her eyes from her two friends.

"Okay, the hell is wrong with you two?" The anger was more than clear in her tone and facial expression as she spoke.

"What, you mean aside from her makin' everythin' about herself?"

"Lauren I'm tryin' to understand what you're goin' through, I really am! But you can't keep actin' like this with me, it ain't my fault!"

"What the hell are you two talkin' about?!"

"Look, I think I'm just gonna leave. I have an appointment early in the morning. Happy birthday Can." She stood up with a struggle and grabbed her purse. "Tell Safaree I'll be waitin' in the car." That was all she said before she left.


*Again, I'm sorry it's short but I did this one as well as CM and a sneak peek for WTWC today so I'll do some more tomorrow :)) Hope it was ok*


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