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16. Diagnosis - Part Two

* I haven't updated this one in a while so here goes, the last chapter was really not good and I apologise! I'm trying to get it back on track though :) Hope this is ok!*

Safaree stood as soon as the Doctor entered, he had a bunch of files in his hand. Slipping them under his arm he shut the door behind himself. Nicki was still alseep, reminding them to keep their talking at a low volume.

"So what was it you needed to talk to me 'bout?" It was obvious how nervous he was feeling as he stared anxiously.

"Oh it's nothin' too serious but it is quite important."

"Is it the babies?"

"Please, sit down Mr Samuels and I'll explain everything." Safaree did as he was asked and resumed his seat by Nicki's bedside. The doctor did exactly as he said he would. Running through every aspect of what had happened to Nicki, reasons why it could have happened and everything Safaree could do in future to prevent it from happening again. SB caught himself feeling overwhelmed listening to all the signs and symptoms, some of them sounded terrifying. Then he moved on to another topic, her celebrity status. He discussed the fact that the added stress and pressure she was under from the public would probably have contributed greatly not to mention any traumatic experiences she's had. Safaree's mind swilled back to thoughts of Drake and everything he'd done to her. The guilt of leaving her would never leave him. Ever.

"Mr Samuels?" He looked up at the sound of his name.

"Sorry it's been a long day." Trailing his eyes back over Nicki's peaceful face he was glad he didn't have to see her go through any of that today. He would have preferred it if he was there for her but all the while he was just glad.

"I understand, I'll get the discharge papers sorted for you." He smiled kindly and turned to leave, stopping briskly in the door frame. "Oh and we'll try and minimise the amount of crowding outside when you leave."


"Well, I assumed you knew that there was dozens of photographers outside." His brow furrowed confusedly as Safaree's face dropped. Now her secret was out.

"Aight, thanks." He nodded back at him and left.

Although the hospital security tried their up most to clear the hospital entry there was still people piled outside. Instinctively Safaree kept a firm hold on Nicki as they made their way out, he could feel her clutching on to him desperately as they tried to get into the truck. The driver didn't hesitate to get out and hold the door open for the pair of them, it took a while understandably since they were trying to pry themselves through all the people in the dark. Only temporary flashes of cameras illuminated the environment around them. He could hear some of them yelling to give them space to walk but they weren't listening. Finally reaching the vehicle he made sure to get her in first, she was still holding her jacket over her bump in attempt to conceal the view but she knew as well as him that they'd already got pictures. Climbing in next to her he slammed the door, not caring if anyones extremities were in his way.

"You good?" He watched over her as she sank back into the seat, nodding. This was ridiculous, he knew this was what they signed up for when she pursued this career but hounding her like that when she was pregnant and just suffered and anxiety attack? He didn't know how much longer he'd be able to stand this. What would happen when she had the twins?

"I know what you're thinkin'." His thoughts came to an immediate halt as he looked over at her. The car was moving now, thankfully leaving behind the incessant clicking and flashing of the paparazzi.

"You do?"

"Yeah, of course I do. It's written all over your face Safaree." She gave him a knowing smile before grabbing his hand. "Talk to me." He hesitated, wondering whether or not to tell her about the text from Drake. Ultimately deciding that she'd had enough to deal with for today he pushed the memory to the back of his mind.

"I was jus' thinkin' 'bout when you get further on with the pregnancy will they still be hasslin' you like that? Y'know? And what about when they're actually born they gonna be in talks 'bout who the Dad is and-"



"Shut up." She laughed as she said it and snuggled into his side as he smiled. "It'll be fine, and if they start askin' questions I'll just tell 'em who their Dad is."

"But you don't know who the Father is, could be Drake for all we know."

"Biologically he could be. But you're gonna be the one raisin' them. Feedin' them, changin' their diapers, teachin' them to walk and talk." She tilted her head up to look at him. "Either way, you're gonna be their real Father. No matter what."

"You mean that?"

"I wouldn't say it otherwise." She blinked lazily as he smiled down at her before relaxing back into the seat with her.

Before they knew it they were back at the house and obviously with it being close to 10pm they settled on having something quick to eat before going to sleep. Laying in bed his thoughts continued to spiral as she was resting comfortably into his side, her head resting on his outstretched arm.

"Safaree?" He jumped a little hearing her voice, he thought she was sleeping.


"Did you think Lauren was actin' weird today?" She kept facing the same direction until he turned his head to look at her.

"Didn't really notice, why?"

"Oh, I'on know, she just seemed really off. Like, almost mad but..." She trailed off in thought as she chewed gently on her lip. "I feel like I'm bein' so selfish."

"How are you bein' slefish? You've had a traumatic day. It ain't your fault."

"I know but even she said today-"

"She said you were actin' selfish?"

"No, lemme finish." She blinked slowly and began again after he shut his mouth. "She was talkin' sarcastically and told me she was sorry that they couldn't have their own problems to deal with."

"Oh and that made you feel selfish?"

"Yeah. Like, I've been too wrapped in my own shit that I haven't noticed that she's goin' through somethin'. You think she's okay?"

"Well you've had a lot to deal with Nic. Nobody is holdin' that against you. As for Lauren, I'm sure she's fine, she seemed okay with me but you could just give her a call tomorrow. Now, go to sleep 'cause I got a surprise for you in the mornin'." He kissed her one last time as they re-settled to go to sleep, but she still wasn't done.

"Wait, we're not-'

"No Nicki. We're not leavin' the house if you don't want to." He felt her relax again and snuggle back into him as he shook his head.

Amazingly they both got enough sleep that evening. Safaree thought he was going to be kept awake with her frequent waking during the night but she slept like a log the whole way through, in turn giving him a peaceful night's sleep too. Having already got up and performed his usual morning routine he was sat downstairs on the laptop. There was pictures all over the internet already, feeling himself becoming irked he slammed it shut.

"S'up with you?" She approached him from behind and ran her hands over his shoulders and down his chest as she got to be as close to him as her bump would let her.

"Nothin' that you should be worryin' 'bout." Clasping on to her hands he pulled her around on to the stool next to him. "I'm gon' make your food-"

"What about my surprise?"

"Well if you were patient enough I was just gettin' 'round to that, food first and then I'll get on to the surprise." He kissed her pouting face and moved over to the counter, making her food. Bringing his eyes up to stare at her he sighed seeing her scrolling down the endless articles on the laptop, he knew he should have moved it but she'd find out sooner or later.

"Do they really have nothin' better to do?" She let out a long sigh. "Whatever, I'm not gon' let it get to me. Not today." Slamming the piece of technology shut she slid it away from herself and sat her elbows on the table. "How long will the food be?"

"It's done." She spun around quickly hearing how close he was. Her excited face dropped as he placed a bowl of cut up fruit in front of her.

"Where's the actual food?"

"That's it. It's fruit, it's good for you." Throwing the tea towel over his shoulder he waited for her to eat it. "I'm not allowed what you had?"

"Nicki I had this too."

"How are you about to tell me that when your damn plate is still sat on the table?" He followed her eyes as they fell upon his plate which had previously been home to strips upon strips of turkey bacon along with the whole deal.

"Fine. Eat that, then I'll think about it." She rolled her eyes and started picking out the pieces she wanted to eat.

"So, what's my surprise?"

"Get your fruit, I'll show you." Holding his hand out for her she grabbed it with her free hand, her fruit bowl secured in the other. As they got closer to back of the house she could hear people talking, at first she thought it was on the TV but noticed it was turned off.

"Safaree-" She stopped dead when he opened the sliding door to the back yard, revealing the whole of both his and her families along with all their friends staring at them. "Oh my God! How did you-"

"That doesn't matter, they're here aren't they?" He kissed her before releasing her from his hold as she went to say hello to everyone. Honestly he'd been organising this for ages and was thankful that it all played out. Watching everyone stood around and sat at the tables he set out he smiled seeing Nicki with her Mom. He saw Lauren stood alone, she looked troubled to say the least. Making his way over to her she hadn't even noticed him slide up to her.

"Aye, s'goin on with you?" The question was asked out of genuine concern as he grabbed himself a steak off of the barbecue. Now he was glad that he'd set out paper plates, no cleaning up.

"I'on know what she's been tellin' you but I'm fine." She forced a weak smile and looked over at Nicki, she looked a lot calmer than yesterday. Truthfully that had really scared her and she was relieved to know she was okay for now.

"Nicki never said anythin'. It's obvious that there's somethin' botherin' you. What's up?" He was lying as he cut greedily into his steak, paying attention to her sadness at the same time.

"Please? Can we not do this here?" She looked down before throwing her empty paper plate into the trash bag next to them. "I'm just gon' go use your bathroom." Leaving before he had chance to speak another word he watched her disappear inside, Nicki was right she was acting out of character.

The day rolled on pleasantly until the biting cold of the evening weather forced them back indoors. Safaree was in shock about the fact that Nicki hadn't fallen asleep yet. Getting her alone in their bathroom he shut and locked the door behind him.

"Oh? So now you're following me to the bathroom?" She was just drying her hands as he moved closer to her, securing both of his hands on her hips.

"What, I'm not allowed to have you to myself for a lil' bit?" He smiled into her neck as he kissed and nipped at her skin starting something he definitely intended to finish, to which she happily complied.
Thankfully all the commotion downstairs drowned out her moans as he had her sat on the sink whilst he devoured her.


After kissing her deeply he wiped his mouth and let her down so she could put her panties back on.

"I'm never talkin' to you again if anyone heard us Safaree." Raising his brows at her smirking he tapped her on the ass as they left the bathroom. Nobody had heard them, at least that's what they thought. Sat in the bedroom next to theirs Lauren had heard everything as she fought to hold the tears back. She shook her head angrily and tried to force the tears away and when she finally succeeded she checked herself over before joining everyone else downstairs again.

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