Sunday, 15 July 2012

1. Aftershock - Part One

*This will be a two part oneshot, and for this blog I am going to ask very nicely for 8 or more comments before I continue ONLY because I have 2 other blogs to concentrate on and having a comment limit to exceed will give me an indication as to when I should post again ^__^ Enjoy! Muuah*

She couldn't believe what had just happened, how she just let that happen. Didn't fight, didn't plead or cry. She just let him walk out of her life, for good. The tears started to sting her eyes as she hurried quickly through the airport, it was like she was invisible and nobody cared that she was trying to push her way through the crowds. Getting more frustrated by the minute she snapped angrily at an elderly man stood in her way.

"Sir, would you please move?!" He looked astounded that somebody would speak to him with such a tone and when he didn't answer she just brushed past him as more tears rolled down her makeup stained face. She made it out to the waiting taxi and jumped in quickly.

"You were too late ma'am?" The driver looked sympathetic as he pulled away from the pavement, Nicki couldn't answer him. "I'll just take you back home then?" She nodded whilst trying to wipe her tears and get herself together. Safaree had gone, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Flashback, two weeks ago

"What, so you just gonna leave?" Nicki snapped her head around as yet another argument erupted in the kitchen.

"Look Nic, I told you! This is a huge opportunity for me! You're gettin' on happily with your life so why can't I? I mean you and Drake are happy enough, why am I still here? Huh?" He threw his arms up out of anger when she just turned away from him as she rolled her teary eyes.

"You promised you would never leave." she said it quietly not intending for him to hear. But he did and for the first time, he ignored it. She continued to angrily scrub the dishes, painfully trying to hold back her tears. She really fucked up this time.

Not knowing what to do she called Lauren, who answered almost immediately.

"Hey boo! What's good?" She was eating something and sounded really muffled.

"Hi..." She said back very lowly, it was almost inaudible.

"Nic, babe? What's wrong?" Lauren had now stopped scoffing on her snacks and was sat upright on her couch as she waited to hear Nicki's response.

"Oh, Lauren I don't know what to do! I really fucked up this time..." She trailed off as she started crying again. Pulling the couch blanket up around around her small frame.

"Safaree again? Nic, I told you that you was playin' with fire there girl!" Lauren sounded more disappointed than angry.

"I know, I know. I'm just too fucking stubborn to listen!" She breathed out slowly trying to control her tears.

Nicki and Drake had been together for three years now, and she had been secretly seeing Safaree on the quiet. Nobody but Lauren knew about this and vowed to never tell anyone and being the good friend that she is, it stayed secret. Things had become a little more complicated as Drake proposed to Nicki on their three year anniversary, something Safaree wasn't happy about. Feeling like second best all the time, he gave Nicki an ultimatum: It was either him or Drake, but he hadn't quite bargained on her choosing Drake. So he applied for a job in Florida and was offered a place, required to start in two weeks time. He had just told Nicki, also explaining that if Drake was the choice she had made then he wished her a very happy life but he couldn't sit around to see the woman he loved marry another man and so he was leaving, for good.

"Well, what happened?" Lauren urged her friend to continue talking.

"He gave me a choice. Him, or Drake." She sniffled.

"And, you said...?"

"I picked you think that's right?" She sounded like she was having second thoughts.

"Nic, I can't tell you who you do and don't love. If you love Drake then yes you made the right choice."

"That's just it. I don't know who I love Lauren!" She was getting angry at herself but was interrupted as the door buzzer went. "Look, I'll call you back later, somebody's here."

"Kay, think about it Nic! Don't just choose Drake cause y'all are engaged, let you heart choose." And with that they ended the call. Nicki walked slowly to the door only to see Drake stood on the other side as she looked through the peephole....

*There you have it!! I dunno how people will like this but, if I get enough comments I shall continue :)) I know I said on my other two blogs that I would never ask for a certain amount of comments but I am only doing it for this one  kay?? The other two I post regardless of comment numbers!*


  1. WHAT? i dont get Nickis problem at all? Like, you have the most handsome, sweetest, kindest cutest man on one side, and this ugly little man whore on the other. I mean sure he makes fucking amaze ball music, but hes kinda whiny, and needs to sort out his clothes. Nicki really needs to like, wake up and see Safaree as the amazing person he is, marry him, and have his babies. Simple *shrugs* anyway, this was a great chap, post soon

  2. Awwwww I like it! I hope she picks Safaree though

  3. woah. proper loved it. poor Nicki not knowing who she loves. I hope she makes the right decision :/

  4. Lmaoooooooo she know she wants Safaree I mean

  5. She just needs to really thnk about who she really wants to spend the reat of her life with cuz if she marries drake but doesnt really wanna be with him....its just gonna cause her a lot of stress...,.,pdt soon barb!

  6. Yayy! This was good! I wonder if Drake heard? Anywho, post soon!

  7. New Reader: : )
    Okay nicki need to stop being so stubborn cuz she well know it's safaree she wants but drake wanting to marry her just makes everything harder. Nicki had two weeks to choose and she chose drake *sigh* I know she'll get SB back.
    I like this oneshot : ) and your other two blogs

  8. Ooooohhhh an affair!!! She better get herself together and pick Safaree

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